Rajat Rawail was NOT Faking on Bigg Boss 7

This week, Rajat Rawail was eliminated by Bigg Boss 7 viewers and voters. Many of these Bigg Boss 7 fans voted him out, as they thought, he was faking illness.

Scientific logic says Rajat Rawail may NOT be Faking illness and psychological breakdown on Bigg Boss 7.

Rajat Rawail weight loss, Rajat Rawail losing weight, Rajat Rawail weightRajat Rawail is massively overweight. He may be consuming large quantities of food outside Bigg Boss 7 House. Inside Bigg Boss 7 House, where there’s strict rationing, Rajat Rawail may have found it difficult to survive physically and mentally.

For the first few days, Rajat tried to cope up with the decline in food availability. But as the days passed, his body came under shock — A Shock common with overweight people, whenever there’s a sudden scarcity of food. The usual symptoms of this are: Depression, sinking feeling, lack of energy, nausea (vomit like feeling) and mood swings. SO lets be sympathetic to Rajat Rawail.

Sudden Decline in Food Intake or Cutting on Carbohydrates can have uneasy Symptoms for weight loss aspirants or ultra Health Conscious

Rajat Rawail is much obese. One of his goals on Bigg Boss 7 was to come out less weighty. Unfortunately, he committed the same mistake many dieters do. He cut on the food too drastically. Or it may also be fair to say that the Bigg Boss 7 rationing compelled him to. As a consequence his body came to a shock.

If you are trying to lose excess body weight; then do that gradually. Around 3-4 pounds a week is sufficient. Don’t worry, if you manage to lose even less. In addition, don’t cut on carbohydrates too drastically. Out of all the food components, the carbohydrates are the ones which provide the energy on the smallest time. Hence the body needs carbohydrates to day to day functioning of the body. If one cuts on the carbohydrates (Rice etc.) completely, one may have low energy and even depression like symptoms.

Indian Food is not fattening: We often hear that Indian food, especially Rice, oil etc. is fattening. Although this can’t be backed by any research, but Indian food is one of the healthiest in the world. We eat spices, oil, rice, whole wheat and whole lot of things. We are eating this food for ages now and the incidence rate of diabetes, Hypertension, heart disease etc. is quite low compared to other countries.

Hence, we have no reason to doubt the food our mothers cooked for us. Just ensure one thing: Eat Home food, Don’t Overeat, Don’t Keep eating all day long and minimise packaged Food.