Rajdeep Sardesai Book on BJP’s 2014 Election Victory… goes Unheard!

There’s a famous Urdu couplet of Munnawar Rana. It’s,

Mohabbat karne walon me yah jhagda dal deti hai,
siyasat dosti ki jad me mattha dal deti hai,
tawayaf ki tarah apni galatkari ke chahre par
hukumat mandir aur masjid ka parda dal deti hai,
hukumat mooh bharai ke hunar se khoob waqif hai
yah har kutte ke aage sahi tukda dal deti hai.

In English it can be translated as,

It puts feud among friends.

Politics puts butter milk in the root of friendship

Like a prostitute , over the face of its wrongdoings,

The RULERS put the veil of feud of Temple and Mosque,

The rulers are all too familiar with the skill of mouth stuffing,

It puts the right piece in front of every Dog.

In today’s article we are interested in only two top lines of the couplet.

Mohabbat karne walon me yah jhagda dal deti hai,
siyasat dosti ki jad me mattha dal deti hai,

It puts feud among friends.

Politics puts butter milk in the roots of friendship

On Sunday, I stumbled upon a TV programme on NDTV 24X7 where the dais was occupied by Finance Minister and more , Arun Jaitley , Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. Only after a few minutes, I got to realize that it’s the book launch event of Rajdeep Sardesai. Munnawar Rana’s above lines came to my mind the moment I had another realization. The book is actually about how 2014 changed the entire political landscape of India.  Although I have not read the book yet, but I suspect it to be not very critical to Modi and BJP. Still, every time I saw Rajdeep, I found him subdued. Not very surprising for a man who has seen not only a public sacking in recent past, but also going completely out of favor of Modi supporters. Something which has converted Sardesai a media nomad sort of.

When I question, why Sardesai had to see all that humiliation in recent months, I see politics as the only reason. Sardesai probing Modi was not tolerated by a section of Modi and BJP supporters and voters. Sardesai in not an exception, common joes like you and I can also be susceptible to this buttermilk effect. When friends start talking politics, very few have the patience to limit it to the politics. Politics threatening friendships has become even more real, ever since BJP Government came  to power.

Coming back to the book, Rajdeep Sardesai’s book is titled 2014: The Election That Changed India
(English) . In the nothing much to talk about the book launch event, as both the politicians spoke most of the time. And although they kept sounding the same on Economic agenda, they tried their best to sound different. The book is claimed to be about how the 2014 Lok Sabha Election changed India. The change is seen in the backdrop of the most important elections in Indian history since 1977. The book thus begins from electioneering post emergency to 2014. The book dissections the reasons for the destruction of the ruling Congress party and an outstanding victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party. The book, Sardesai claims also analyzes the results of the election and provides his perspective on a new style of campaigning. Not to say, it also claims to talk about the various scandals that crippled Manmohan Singh and UPA 2, and the mistakes of Rahul Gandhi to the strategies of Team Modi.

Does it mean the book also talks about the Obama Type PR team flown in for Modi, People of Indian Origin abroad roped in for Modi and Obama Style election planning and campaigning? Only reading the book will tell.

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