Rajinikanth-Autographed karbonn Handsets for Kochadaiyaan film launch

Rajinikanth-Autographed karbonn Handsets for Kochadaiyaan film launch!

Rajni Fans rejoice. Karbonn Mobiles Will Launch Special Edition Rajinikanth-Autographed karbonn Handsets in September,prior to Kochadaiyaan film launch.

Only 500,000 Kochadaiyaan-branded smartphones, feature phones, and tablets (newly-launched Karbonn Smart Tab 1) will be released — — with exclusively branded Kochadaiyaan content — prior to Kochadaiyaan film launch.

The unique Rajni movie branding is a result of the collaboration between karbonn Mobiles and Eros & Mediaone.

What will be on Offer:

The devices will come bundled with scenes from the movie, screensavers, dialogues, images, trivia, the movie’s signature tune, and a trailer of the film. The gizmos have been autographed by the superstar himself.

Availability: The phones and tablets will be available by September.

Who Rajni is Portraying on big screen this time:

Kochadaiyan Ranadhiran was one of the most powerful kings of the the Pandyan dynasty. One of three Dynasties from 4th-3rd century BC of the Tamilaham — Pandya,Chola and Chera. The movie will be made using 3D and motion capture technologies, and will see actress Deepika Padukone in the lead role alongside Rajinikanth.