Rajnath Singh, Crop insurance and Soil Health Cards!

In his statement in Parliament on the issue of Farmer’s Suicide at AAP’s rally yesterday, the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, did two things. One ,tell the Nation that inactivity of the past 60 years can’t be corrected in just 10 months; and two, tell the farmers how Modi Government is trying to help them in this time of crisis.

How is Modi Government trying to help? As per Home Minister Rajnath Singh, by pushing for fast-tracking the introduction of the proposed National Crop Income Insurance Scheme, implementing scientific Soil Health cards and sowing Poplar trees on the field periphery. The last trick will not only make use of unused strip around the field; but will also help farmer earn money. Alright, I admit, the last gem came from the Mr. Modi himself, at the RBI Conference last month.

Going by the Rajnath Speak, it seems the best way to save a drowning man is to create a boat first.