Rajnath Singh, Gadkari and the BJP!

I’ve seen that the the cult of “Personality worshipers” exists in every facet of Life. Political parties, be it Congress, BJP or SP are no exception.

Human nature always looks for role models, hence important personalities (human beings) exist in every party. The fact that these personalities are seen as having the ability to Turn “Anything into Gold”, their children often get the rub of it right from school days.

Hence, When BJP criticizes Congress of being the party of one family; it should also keep in mind that, every notable politician, be it Jaswant Singh, Rajnath Singh or Late Vijaya Raje Sindhiya — Everyone handed over his/her earned legacy to his/her sons and daughters. Those politicians in BJP, who don’t have any children, are towering personalities themselves. And the perfect example is Narendra Modi; who managed a third  win in Gujarat, even when ‘cadre based RSS’ was not very cooperative. Only today, another Hiduttva party, Shiv Sena is busy contemplating to make Aditya Thackery, the son of Executive Persident Uddhav Thackery, the Leader of Shiv Sena (Leader is the second highest rank in Shiv Sena). Apart from being Late Bal Thackery’s grand-son, and current President’s son, Aditya Thackery’s experience may be even smaller than a veteran Shiv Sena Card Holder.

In short, “favouring one’s own Children” OR “The Party favoring the son/daughter of iconic leader” are quite high in every party. For instance, when it came to pass on his legacy, NCP Supremo Mr. Sharad Pawar, choose his daughter, Supriya Shule.

This is NOT a Bad Thing:

We often hear that sitting near or “Sangat” changes the nature of People. Just as a Poet said “Achhi Sangat Baith kar Sangi Badle Roop, Jaise Chhookar Aam Ko Meethi Ho gayi Dhoop”.

A politician or leader’s son/daughter sits near the politics and leadership right from childhood; hence he/she may be better versed in Politics and leadership compared to a guy who takes politics at College. They get the most important of virtues — ‘How To Think for All, How To think Big’. The seeds of this virtue are often sown right at childhood. If you ever get a chance, speak to a noted politician’s son (the son being or not being politician doesn’t matter) and a first generation politician at College. You will instantly see difference in the expanse of their thinking. A politician’s son normally wins this test.

Like it or Not, in more than 100 years old Congress — politicians and supporters have understood this Lesson (if all become leader, who will be led and leadership is received in many ways, legacy is one of them). That’s why they happily accept their Leader’s son or daughter their Leader.

BJP in contrast, since pulls its staunchest of supporters from RSS; hence every time it chooses a Party leader there is much drama. Tech savvy, Facebook and Twitter using Youth may be BJP’s asset; but on this question, they are a liability. The reason is — this group gives too much importance to “individual Ability and Education” and ignores the traits like Upbringing, loyalty towards authority, legacy and discipline.

BJP rightly chose not to give Nitin Gakari another term; and it should congratulated for that. But, unfortunately it failed to profit from this high moral stand, as internal rivalry and factionalism delayed the decision to the last moment. If BJP had culture like the Congress, it would have gained from the move.

On a closing note, BJP’s leaders should learn another thing from Congress: Speaking Too much is not Good, Even when you have a tag of brilliant orator. As when people talk too much, they become unnecessary critical. And nobody likes too critical people. That pushes the speaker to the negative fringe.