Ramdev Cleverly distracts Attention from Gender Selection Medicine

A couple of days ago, Baba Ram Dev organized a press conference and announced to the World how his business empire will comfortably surpass Multinationals in the next five years. He tried to present a picture where his rivals are trying to malign his recent products –Desi Ghee or Clarified Butter, Patanjali Noodles; and Patanjali Honey — by putting sponsored stories in media. He also questioned the reports of food adulteration regulatory authorities. He called such reports a malicious attempt to sabotage his and his products reputation.

Doing this , Ram Dev cleverly distracted the attention of the world from his Gender Selection Medicine, the ‘Putr Jeevak Vati’.

Actually, the timing of Baba’s press conference coincides with the report of Uttarakhand Government finding Patanjali’s ‘Putr Jeevak Vati’ encouraging gender section in the country.  The Uttarakhand Government’s report may be a point of debate, but simple logic says that if the recent questions are raised about the Gender Selection medicine, then Baba Ramdev should have answered those questions first.

But like a clever marketer, Baba talked about everything but the questionable medicine.

Baba Ramdev is literally making India eat out of his hand (means, to easily make someone do or think what you want). There are clear signs of this happening. Take for instance the recent Press Conference. If the latest questions are about his ‘Putr Jeevak Vati’, then the Press Conference must address those questions first. Talking of the said medicine, Baba Ramdev in the past said that the word ‘Putr’ in the name, doesn’t mean pre-conceive gender selection favoring a male gender, as Putr here means both male and female gender.  It may be true, but if the word commonly means a ‘male child’, then it’s useless to tell what the word means in some ancient text, which no one reads. That apart, how the said medicine is being marketed or what reputation it has among the buyers is also important. If the buyers see it as one helping them beget a male child, then no studious explanation from Baba Ram Dev matters.

This may or may not be, but Baba Ramdev usually has a way of evading questions and taking everything to nationalist discourse and to his credibility. And this is not good. Every thinking individual has a right to ask why the Jar of Patanjali’s 1 Kg Honey appears visibly bigger than the 1 Kg jar of some other brand (Watch Patanjali Honey Advertisement). In the same way, any logical India can ask how Patanjali’s Atta Noodle wants to beat Maggi without it being habit-forming.

To conclude, when Baba Ramdev is launching commercial products then, he should be ready for their testing as well. It’s not good for him to turn everything into a nationalist debate’ or a war between indigenous and Foreign. The consumer has very right to get a good product, no matter if it comes from a foreign company or multi-national company.