RAPOO E2700 Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard launched

RAPOO E2700 Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard. 5.6mm thin, 2.4GHz wireless connection with working range of up to 10m. Multi-touchpad acts as mouse. Multimedia Hotkeys for easy surfing and enjoying music.

RAPOO, global leaders in providing cutting-edge wireless peripheral products, today launched RAPOO E2700 – a 2.4GHz multimedia wireless Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard.

The Multi-touchpad option in this ultra thin wireless keyboard, supports all functions of a mouse, waving off the option of additional mouse. The RAPOO E2700 is 5.6mm thin and comes with multimedia hotkeys for quick internet surfing and entertainment.

The RAPOO E2700 Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard has a promising 2.4GHz wireless connectivity range up to 10m.

RAPOO E2700 Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard

RAPOO E2700 Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard

1) 5.6mm ultra-slim structure. Comes with a brushed stainless steel back cover.

2) Reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection with up to 10m working range

3) The Multi-touchpad supports all functions of mouse

4) Multimedia hotkeys for internet surfing and enjoying the music

5) Scissor key structure, brushed stainless steel technique and metal texture for comfortable usage

The RAPOO E2700 connects using 2.4GHz wireless, via a nano receiver.

The RAPOO E2700 Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard is thus perfect wires free 2 in 1 product (keyboard + mouse), wherever the user is, on the move, in office or even in bedroom.


Price, Warranty and Availability – RAPOO E2700 Ultra thin Wireless Keyboard:

RAPOO E2700 wireless keyboard comes with a MRP of Rs 3,929. It comes with 2 years replacement warranty.

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