Speech Recognition Bluetooth Foldable Headset- RAPOO H6080

Speech Recognition Bluetooth Foldable Headset- RAPOO H6080.Say ‘Yes’ to receive a call and ‘No’ to disconnect, 10 hours of battery back-up. Double connection enables listening and speaking across two phones.


RAPOO, a maker of cutting-edge wireless peripheral products, launched Speech Recognition Bluetooth Foldable Headset- RAPOO H6080.

The Speech Recognition Bluetooth Foldable Headset means ease of carrying and help the user handle incoming call, using the words like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The user can connect or disconnect the call with voice commands as well.

RAPOO H6080 headset provides 10 hours of continues back-up with just 2 hours of charging. Double connection feature enables listening and speaking across two phones simultaneously. The headset is designed with COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology to deliver quality music.

Main Features – Speech Recognition Bluetooth Foldable Headset- RAPOO H6080:

1) Innovative design of three-way folding through lengthening and shortening, rotating and enfolding. The folding reduces the size to half. The headphones come with a delicate storage bag.

2) H6080 has a concise style, and the cushion on the headband offers a lining decoration, which makes the headset stylish. The ear cover is consistent in style with the headband, with metallic color rings outside. The inner soft leather cushion makes it comfortable to wear and fit for long-time listening. There is a multi-functional control button under the left ear cover, and operations of power on and off, volume up and down, and call-answering can be implemented.

3) Bluetooth 4.0 connection technology: RAPOO H6080 – Speech Recognition Bluetooth Foldable Headset, is equipped with 4.0 audio connection technology bluetooth. The reliability of data transmission is enhanced and the Hi-fi effect is ensured. The technology also functions with the advanced self power management. The reduced power consumption means battery life is doubled.

4) With two hours charging, ten-hour successive calling or playing can be achieved. With only two hours of charging the headphones work for ten hours successively, Other Bluetooth headsets in the market offer four-hour battery capacity.

5) COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology

RAPOO Bluetooth Foldable Headset H6080 realizes both the convenience of wireless and the improvement of sound quality. It adopts COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology, the sound from the headset is hierarchical, the high and medium frequency response is transparent and clear, and excellent sound performance is kept when various styles of music is played.

6) Speech recognition system to handle an incoming call: A speech recognition system is installed in the headset. Which allows you to pick or reject a call by simply uttering the words ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, RAPOO Bluetooth Foldable Headset H6080, is an extremely user friendly gadget.

7) Double connection enables listening and speaking across two phones: RAPOO Bluetooth Foldable Headset H6080 can be connected to two phones at the same time, so when you are enjoying wireless music, your headset can automatically switch to the incoming call on the other phone, and you won’t miss any call from your customers or friends.

8) Dual mode-wired and wireless: With a built-in sonic-effect card, RAPOO Bluetooth Foldable Headset H6080 can be used as wired headset when connected to the computer by USB. You can enjoy everything, movies, music and chatting etc.