Ravish Kumar NDTV makes a discreet Point after Surgical Strikes in J&K LOC

Ravish Kumar of NDTV must be congratulated for making one discreet observation about the work day following the surgical strikes by Indian Army around LOC in the aftermath of Uri attack.

When all TV channels that day (and many to this day are) were all ga-ga about the strikes, Mr. Kumar concluded his show, by saying — …in this all upbeat atmosphere, one thing which have fallen down, were the Stock markets in both India and Pakistan.

Actually, the real consequences of any escalation of enmity between the two countries can be best understood by the Stock markets or share markets. As stock markets are the places where money lies. These are the places where people are thinking about money and how it’s made across the country. The people here know instability (War, enmity, bad relations) is inversely proportional to Growth.

Although many in the media, and many in the country are reluctant to come out of the upbeat mood of the surgical strikes; it’s good to remember that, once the funny feeling in the stomach subsides, the issues such as price rise, jobs etc. are to bother most people in the both countries.