Ravish Kumar NDTV: Linking PM Modi to Una Dalit Thrashings

Dear Mr. Ravish Kumar, first you show the clippings of some Gau Raksha Dal goons mercilessly beating people for de-skinning a dead cow; then you interrupt your panelists not to link the Prime Minister to the incident. Why? As you think this unnecessarily drags the PM into an act done by some misguided young men.

I think you have taken your “Is Equal To” invention a way too seriously. As you tend to use it without much discretion now. Tell you, painting all political parties with the same brush is not good. It’s one thing to give one’s silent approval to an act, but quite another not to condemn it in public, when you know that condemning it in the harshest of words possible, is the best thing to do in public interest.

Mr. Kumar, do you want to know why some of your panelists linked PM to the merciless beatings by some of these Gau Raksha Dal People?

The PM’s Silence. A silence which leads to disappointment, heart-break.

Even after days of the Una Dalit thrashings, the PM is still Silent. Everything which came out to the Nation to this day is an indirect account (how the PM is feeling, How disappointed he is, etc.). If he can tweet non-confusingly on recent French terror attacks, then why such silence on this issue? What he’s calculating, when he tweets so often on smallest of issues such as Team India winning a Series!