Real Gau-Rakshaks and Opportunist Gau Rakshaks… What!

A fort night ago, when the PM chose to remain silent on the Dalit atrocities “in the name of Gau Raksha” in Gujarat; I asked why this silence.

In another article, we shared as to why it’s normal for anyone to blame the PM for the Dalit atrocities in Gujarat.

Now finally, close to a month of the said heart wrenching incident, the PM finally decided to address the issue.

In front of a discretely arranged, finely marketed event with a  giant digital screen and much of garlanding & greetings; the PM Narendra Modi talked but the said incident and such atrocities on the name of Gau-Raksha.

But unfortunately, even what he said appeared to be a well crafted reply.

He intelligently tried to make a distinction between the Gau-Rakshaks his party encourages and endorses, by telling the World that the Gau-Rakshaks who are part of these atrocities are those who are nothing but opportunists. The opportunists who do these things just to shield their corrupt wrong doings and corruptions. Not to mention, the PM’s clarification began with the defense as to why he must not be dragged to every incident happening in the country (including the Gau-rakhsaks’ high-handedness incidents). The clarification ended with some emotional words.

Much like terror, it’s not normal to make a distinction between real Gau-Rakshaks and Opportunist Gau Rakshaks. As you simply cannot differentiate people as opportunist. For instance, if today ex-BSP leader Swami Prasad Maurya joins BJP, will call him an opportunist?

What does it mean when PM Modi says from the dais, it’s necessary for you to unveil (“Benakab”) real Gau-Rakshaks and Opportunist Gau Rakshaks? I think it means nothing. Or does it mean something which PM didn’t say. As PM, when he has every Law machinery under him, Is there any need to exhort the Nation to unveil someone?

Actually PM used every tool in the book to make his Dalit Talk look Grand. But unfortunately, it looked insincere. They didn’t seem to be coming from the heart. Not to mention, a sincere apology wouldn’t have required such a Giant podium.