Google Adsense application rejected! But Why?

People are normally attracted to blogging (starting one’s own website and updating it regularly) because of AdSense. AdSense is Google’s Ad serving Service, which allows individual bloggers show contextual Ads on their Blogs. The blogger gets paid a small commission whenever the blog page loads (impressions) or whenever someone clicks on an ad. To show AdSense ads on a site, all a blogger has to do is apply for Adsense Account. most of the times they see their ‘Adsense application rejected’. What are the reasons Google you see your Google Adsense application rejected? But before that how one applies for Google Adsense. The process is:

1) Apply for AdSense Account at Wait for the Application to be approved. If the application is approved, he/she is ready to show AdSense ads on his/her site(s).

2) Login to your adsense account, choose an ad size from predefined ad sizes, copy the code and paste the said code in a widget or template of your blog. Google Adsense allows Three adsense units per page.

The Google Adsense ads are contextual, that is the Text/graphic ads shown on a particular page are decided by the page content. That’s the reason, you see different ads on different pages of a blog/website.

Thus the first step to have Ads on your blog/website is to have an Adsense account. And getting one’s application approved is not quite easy. Particularly when you don’t follow Google Adsense’s TOS.

Reasons Your Google AdSense application rejected:

1) There’s No Content: Before applying make sure there is some content on the site. Although there’s no fixed number, but at least there should be 15 or more articles.

2) The Content Should be Quality: This means, is not copied, is unique. The content shouldn’t be blatantly promoting something.

3) The content shouldn’t be Adult or obscene or hate speech.

4) The Template: Normally it’s seen that new bloggers in the enthusiasm of blogging, start customizing the template (the code which displays the blog) the moment they create a blog. Many a times, they choose a template, which has certain code attributes which infringe on the Adsense’s TOS (Terms of Service). This results in rejection of the application. To save yourself from such a mistake; use one of the templates provided by the Blogger or some other blogging service. You can experiment with the look of the blog, once your Adsense application is approved.

5) Age under 18 years: To apply for Adsense, the applicant’s age must be 18 or above.

6) Ensure that before applying for AdSense, your blog should’t have links of those websites, which are either blacklisted or which the AdSense perceives as practicing Link exchange or link buying.

7) The Blog shouldn’t have anything (content or links or ads) related to gambling or pornography.

Getting one’s AdSense application approved is not difficult, if you don’t complicate things. And not complicating things means having a blog, which looks and behaves as one started by a new blogger. Applying for an Adsense account with a Blogger blog (created at, with simple not tweaked template and regular unique personal simple content, can increase your chances of adsense; much more than a fancy blog. What Google is looking for before approving an Adsense request is the innocence of a new blogger. If AdSense doesn’t see such innocence, it rejects the application.