How To reduce risk of Heart attack by 19 Percent!

Answer : By having a higher sense of purpose in life.


Answer: By having a higher sense of purpose in life (Mount Sinai St Luke’s and Mount Sinai Roosevelt USA, research findings ).

According to a new study based on the data from 1,37,000 people, there may be a possible link between living life with a strong sense of purpose and lowered risk of early death, heart attack or stroke.

The study found that by having a sense of purpose in Life, one can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and some heart disease which requires Bypass by 19 percent and; reduce the risk of dying prematurely of any other reason by 23 per cent.

How This Research is different from the previous ones

Unlike the previous researches which linked purpose to psychological health and well-being, the new study links purpose to body health,

What is Sense of Purpose in Life?

There are two views in one’s life.

Short term view and the Long Term view.

The Short term view is for survival. The long term view is for the legacy one leaves behind him/her. (That’s how the person wants to be remembered after he/she leaves this World).  This legacy is the “Sense of Purpose in Life”.

Some people never care for the Legacy. For those who care, every small action they take (for survival) is part of their broader goal in Life (the Sense of Purpose).

Not everyone can have sense of purpose in one’s Life. As it takes real effort to have one. That apart, one has to work on it within one’s Life time.

Although having a sense of purpose (or having a long term goal in life or a broader purpose of Life) requires you to know what you stand for, and do what you believe in; it’s not without gains within one’s life time. And the gains are real.

Sticking to one’s Higher purpose of Life fills you with confidence and sense of self-worth. A sense of self worth, which is so high, that regardless of the situation, you remain calm, content and satisfied.

Look for Your Life’s Purpose

Irrespective of our age or the stage we are in, we can always introspect to search for our purpose of Life.

As Mark Twain once said,

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

To have Life’s purpose, one has to ask self this critical question:

Do I have a sense of purpose in my life?’ If the answer is No, then you can work toward having one for your overall well-being.

Now the added benefit is Life Longevity. Other benefits are optimism and social support.