Remember! For Humans Taste of Food ends in Mouth

There is one difference between us, the humans and the ruminating animals. The difference is: For humans, the taste of food ends, once the food is swallowed down the throat. We are not like cud chewing animals, like cows, who have the ability to bring the food back to the mouth right from the gut.

This is an excellent fact to remember for those who over-eat.

Once you swallow the food, the food’s taste, no matter how delicious it may be, ends there.

So, rather than eating many morsels to enjoy the taste; the approach should be to stretch the taste duration for each morsel. As no matter how much one eats, the taste ends past mouth.

Try incorporating this approach in your eating — Chew every morsel, in a way that the solid food gets liquid consistency; and the food in your mouth touches your palette, so that you savor the intricate flavors present. Just ensure that you take at least 20 minutes to eat a meal, of right quantity; and you will find yourself living the thought discussed in this write-up.

There are more important reasons, than stopping oneself from over eating, linked to this simple fact discussed today. Those in next post.