Renowned Wealth Advisor teaches How to Rescue Your Retirement

Reaches #1 on Amazon Best Sellers List

Rob Russell helps you unshackle and unleash the true potential of your retirement and put you squarely back in control of your financial future. Within the pages of the book he shares easy-to-understand strategies that have propelled him and his company into the national limelight.

Robert’s book leads you on a search for truth and sheds the light on the bad advice that may be holding your retirement captive from success.

Using his easy and uncomplicated style of explaining sophisticated techniques he expertly delivers an entertaining journey covering all sorts of topics previously only available to those “in the know:”

1) Pay less money to the government by utilizing tax-saving techniques like the ultra-wealthy use

2) Understand strategies like “The Super Roth,” “Vertical Diversification,” “Personal Pension Planning,” and “The Tax-Efficient Frontier”

3) Protect yourself from the three biggest threats to your current and future wealth

4) Decode the investment strategies used by the ultra-wealthy with the potential to make money in up AND down markets

5) Discover how you can identify bad advice and how to hire the right advice giver for you

When asked why he wrote the book Mr. Russell said, “It’s simple: people are paralyzed with everything going on in the world like the upcoming election, problems in Europe, rising tension in Israel and Iran. It’s easy to focus on those things that you have no control of. In effect, people (pre-retirees/retirees) feel like their future is being held hostage, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

He continues, “My book is meant to be a beacon of hope for those people that feel like they’re being held captive from a blissful retirement because of all the junk going on in the world. With my easy-to-understand book, I aim to help them declare their independence from bad advice and help them focus on reaching their peak potential in retirement.”

Retirement Held Hostage: How To Rescue Your Retirement From Bad Advice

About Robert Russell

Rob Russell’s specialized advice is valued by The Wall Street Journal, FOX News and U.S. News & World Report, but he is not from Wall Street royalty. He is not part of the system.

With a heart of a skeptic, Rob set out to uncover ways to create and preserve wealth in both good and bad markets – ways that didn’t involve the failed strategies of “buy and hope,” mutual funds, or divining the actions of the U.S. government and Federal Reserve.

Mr. Russell is CEO/CIO of Russell & Company and works with conservative, “self-made” clients throughout the United States and abroad. Rob is a life-long resident of Ohio, where he resides with his wife and children.
He hosts “Retirement Rescue Radio” every week on News Talk Radio WHIO and writes the “Smarter Investor” column for U.S. News & World Report.

He was the subject of a documentary “Filling the Financial Gap” by an Emmy award-winning producer. Rob enjoys traveling, cooking, playing soccer and creating memorable moments with his family.