Repetitive, Boring foods help you lose weight: New Study

Does “Lack of variety in your daily food” bore you?

Is “Pasta for dinner? Not again! Is your constant wail?

Does Eating the same thing day after day sounds boring and dull to you?

If yes; then a new study on weight loss will brighten you up; especially when you are trying to lose weight.

According to a new study, — Eating the same thing day after day may sound dull – but it’s a winning formula for weight loss.

And the reason for it being the recipe to weight loss is one of the consequences of this same age old boredom or dullness – Eating the same food repetitively, makes the eater lose interest in food; and as a result he/she consumes less quantities than what he/she would have consumed, if the food fascinates him/her.

So the study informs — monotonous menus can help you “bore yourself thin.”

Repetition – not flavour preferences – may discourage overeating, according to the study, to be published in the August issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
How the study is conducted:

In the study, University of Buffalo professor Leonard Epstein and colleagues recruited 32 women and divided them into two groups with an equal number of overweight and normal-weight subjects. For five days in a row (daily for five days), one group performed a 28-minute task and then ate as many 125-calorie helpings of macaroni and cheese as they wanted.

The second group followed the same program, except they completed the sessions only once a week over five weeks.

By the end of study period, the once-a-day group was eating 30 calories less of mac and cheese per session, while the other group had increased their intake by 100 calories.

What the study concluded:

The first group which ate the macroni and Cheese everyday for five days; lost interest in the food after five days. In short they were mac-and-cheesed out. So their calorie intake started to see a decline.

On contrary, the second group, whoc was eating the macroni and Cheese once a week, ate the food with interest and hence their consumption quantities increased.

NOTE: Food-addiction experts suggest the flip-side may also be true. That’s some people may get addicted to same food and repetition will not make them lose interest in that particular food.

What recommendation the study made:

School-lunch planners and public-health officials should note that diversity in the menu is not necessarily a virtue, and in fact it may be associated with promoting excess food intake and increased body mass index.

Conclusion: It has been observed that those families which have very less variety in their daily food; OR eat the same food day after day, are found to be with normal body weights and less obese.

Although this is simply an observation; it can be substantiated with logic.

The logic is – Variety in daily food increases with personal affluence and the level of material development in the society one lives in. Obesity in USA has achieved endemic proportions as, here people are normally rich (well provided) and there is high degree of material development. If a US resident has a wish, he can have any food he wants just round the corner.

On contrary, in countries where both money and material development is less; people have to eat repetitive food for obvious reasons.

Hence the findings of the study seem quite obvious.

So what should one do? To live a healthy life or to get back to normal weight, one should live like a pauper for six days a week – having boring repetitive food. To reward himself or herself for living this healthy but boring lifestyle for six says; the person can stray a bit on the seventh day – Eat unhealthy or tasty food, in a controlled manner. No matter if one strays a bit on binging on this day. If he/she gets back to healthy eating for the next six days, he/she will not go overboard the next “get free” day.