Republic TV’s attacks on Tharoor on Sunanda Pushkar Case, not journalism!

Do you remember the fortnight just after Shashi Tharoor’s “The British Rule Bled India” keynote speech at some University in UK? If yes, then it must not be that difficult for you to understand why Republic TV Channel’s recent stalking of Tharoor is not journalism.

Yes, we can use the word Stalking here. As it seems to be Stalking, and nothing else.

For two reasons.

One, what does Republic TV want to know from Tharoor on Sunanda Pushkar death?

The BJP-led Government has already spent more than three years in Government. The case is already in some Court. If Tharoor is gulity then, then prove it. Irrespective of whether Shashi Tharoor comments or answers any allegations, will not make any difference. In addition, if law allows him choose not speak on the incident, then he can exercise that right too.

Second, what does Republic TV achieve by sending two or 4 of his journalists with microphones, to a Press Conference, Tharoor is part of?

It’s not that by putting four microphones in front of Tharoor, will make the Channel hear or record something, others are not?

Common sense says that you will send that microphone carry journalists, just to stalk someone or sabotage a Press Conference.