Respect Good Behavior, Not the Age, Deepender Singh Hooda proves this

Have you watched the FDI Debate in Indian Parliament Today? Among the speakers worth mentioning is, MP Deepender Singh Hooda. His Speech in favour of FDI in retail appeared well grounded.

But that’s not the point of this write-up. The point which I want to draw your attention to, is how he in his speech attacked Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj. To summarize, his attacks made Madam Swaraj, wordless and obviously nonplus-ed.

Deepender Singh Hooda

Now, it will be wrong to comment on the accuracy of the effectiveness of Young Hooda’s speech content —  Pro-FDI mindset will find it great, anti-FDI will find it trash. But what is worth pointing at in Hooda’s speech is:

He came well prepared and knew what he was speaking. In short, his “Self-Appraisal” of his speech was positive. Buoyed by that confidence, he challenged every point Ms. Swaraj made earlier.

That said, Deepender Singh Hooda’s today’s speech proved the adage:

Respect Good Behavior (and wisdom), Not the Age.

Hooda knew, he has prepared well; hence nothing stops him from putting Ms. Swaraj on dock. There may be age difference there; but one should respect wisdom and Good behavior and not the Age.

Why I’m Bringing this perspective here.

As you know, Ms. Sushma Swaraj’s politics is quite attacking. Listen to her speeches. She makes attacks, sometimes personal, on fellow politicans. But call it an irony: When someone else attacks her, she spares no ways to give a fitting reply. Her favorite method to snub politicians  much younger than her (of the age of her children) is to give them the sermon: “Bado ka aadar karna hi bhool Gaye (Today’s children have forgot to respect Elders)”. Although even today, she tried to preach the same lesson to Hooda; Hooda’s confidence didn’t allow her pack sufficient punch to her preaching.

There’s something is Haryana’s water, their speech delivery makes sharpest of orators speechless. Hooda made his state proud.

Next time, Ms. Swaraj will prepare better for younger politicians. Today, she has learnt, not every young man is Jyotiraditya Sindhiya; who quietly received “Respect Your Elders” sermon from her during Lokapal Debate.