Rich Dad and Poor Dad | Indian Version!

According to HSBC’s ‘The Value of Education Foundations for the future’ report, USA is the top choice for Indian parents who would consider university abroad for their children. Followed by Australia and the UK.

Obviously, these Indians who consider or have made their minds to get their kids higher education abroad are NOT poor people. They are not even average or Lower middle class people. They are higher middle class people. I’m not including ultra rich here, as they have been doing so for decades now. In short, the moment an Indian becomes rich, he /she plans getting his/her wards (children) higher education abroad. Tell you higher education outside India, that too in above three destinations doesn’t come cheap. In US, the most expensive destination, the average annual tuition fees is USD 33,215 per year for international university students. This is equivalent to Rs 22 Lakhs per year in India.

Some of you will argue, how HSBC arrived at the data? They are also the Wealth managers of the neo-rich.

The primary reasons for the above three being the top destinations are: The international work experience, increase in confidence of the children, The exposure to new experiences, ideas and cultures.

Although, you can see the report for purely informative purposes; I want to bring your attention to an important point here.

The intent or the wish to send one’s children to universities abroad points to some other aspects as well. These aspects need you read between the lines or get your own insights.

When a person wants to send his child abroad for Higher education, he wants him to “See the World”.

What does “See the World” means? It means not have a Closed Mind. That’s see how the World lives, eats, celebrates, works and earns wealth. This also means not thinking too much about religion, or judge people by their religion, nationality, fashion, life-style or food.

Now majority among us cannot afford such exposure. But we can take certain lessons from how rich moms and dads in India think. They don’t want their children to have a closed mind. In short, they don’t want their children judge people by their religion, nationality, fashion, life-style or food.

To conclude, those young men and women who’re reading this article, must remember: Judging people by their religion, nationality, fashion, life-style or food is WRONG.

If you still debate, then example is in front of you. The rich and affluent people don’t want their children to make judgement on these criteria. Then why you do that!

Hence Become Cosmopolitan in your Exposure, Thoughts, Judgments and Beliefs.