Rise and Fall of #BadHindu!

An interesting hashtag started trending on Twitter India today. Named #BadHindu, the point of conversation looked artificial and hence funny.

Artificial in a sense that all of a sudden some lesser known Bollywood actress started ranting about her desire to claim 40,000 or even 4,00,000 Hindu temples under the tag #BadHindu. Some started quoting Shashi Tharoor. Some stated justifying the necessity of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, some 100 feet idol and blah-blah. Then just like its rise, #BadHindu vanished.

It is difficult to say why #BadHindu rose and vanished. But on a more saner note — Whosoever wants to reclaim 40,000 or 4,00,000 Hindu Temples across globe can reclaim them. They can make Ram Temple in Ayodhya as well. If India has money to reclaim, build and time to do all this, then no ordinary human being is stopping them.

But when the country is crippling under weakening markets, falling Rupee, employment and dwindling economy; then discussing #BadHindu vs #GoodHindu looks a bit extravagant or over the limit.