Rival Politicians holidaying in Qatar does not need FACT CHECK!

When TV channels start fact checking images of political rivals holidaying together, then there is surely some problem with either the TV News channels or how we People understand fact check which bursts Fake News.

This is the said image:

BJP spokeswoman, Nupur sharma, Congress spokeswoman, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Aap spokeswoman, Alka Lamba, Karana beach, Doha-Qatar

The people in some holidaying spirit seen in the photograph seem to be BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma, Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi and Aap spokeswoman Alka Lamba.

The entire ground for the need of a fact check, according to the TV News channel is: How can they holiday together, when they publicly fight all the time.

Th ground is somewhat unjustified.

Why this image of rival political spokespersons is NOT worthy of Fact Check

The spokespersons may be fiercely fighting on TV news Channel debates, but they holidaying together doesn’t need some fact check.

Such an image showing spokespersons of rival political parties holidaying abroad explains just one realityPeople may have different political ideologies, and political loyalties; but that doesn’t mean they cannot be friends in their personal lives.

Remember, elite people in any field know how to keep their public and personal lives separate.

This explains why they not only nurture and prize such friendships, they also seem alright with their children marrying a political rival’s son or daughter. They rarely have time to bother about caste and religious divides in their personal lives. This explains why Subramanian Swamy’s daughter can be married among Haiders, or Lalu Prasad Yadav’s children’s can have in-laws among Malayalam Singh clan. You will see many Congress and BJP politicians having inter-religious marriages.

In simple, it is quite usual for them. And rightly so. They are so sorted that they don’t keep their political ideologies and loyalties as dearly, as WE PEOPLE do every time, we go out to vote.

I or you may not change our political party our entire lives; but politicians do shift to a rival political party.

So it is WE PEOPLE, who fight each other over political ideologies. We not only fight each other, we give so much importance to our political ideologies that we ruin our prized life-long friendships, neighbors and kindness for damn politics.

On a brighter note, we can learn something from our politicians here: We can also respect each other, without bothering too much about our political or ideological differences. 

Instead of bothering about, whose political party or leader is better, we can start judging our politicians and political parties on the meaningful work they have done for us, WE THE PEOPLE.

To conclude, what news is worthy of Fact Check: PM Modi’s claim in a public rally yesterday that Bihar government constructed 8.5 lakh toilets in a week.