River-linking plans Bad Idea: Maneka Gandhi

No one Saw the Gossipy Woman in Modi's RallyIn his Lok Sabha election rallies, wherever Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the farmers, he used to propose the river linking project as the solution to their irrigation woes.  Now when in Government, a BJP MP from Aonla UP, is terming Modi’s river-linking plans as extremely dangerous.

Terming the ambitious river-linking plans of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi as ‘extremely dangerous’, Maneka Gandhi informed that its was she who had stopped former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee from going ahead with it, when the idea was floated during the NDA government headed by Vajpayee.

When asked about the idea of linking river Gomti with Sharda recently, Maneka Gandhi said

“I had stopped Atalji from this rubbish (Maine hi Atalji ko roka tha is bakwaas se). Such plans are nothing but rubbish. There is no question of it (linking rivers). There can be no scheme in the world as bad as this. Every river has its own eco-system, own fish, own PH value. If you connect one river with another, it will kill both of them. Don’t be in any misconception. One can build canals and clean them regularly but connecting Ganga with Gomti would kill both the rivers and is extremely dangerous.”

“You will require 10-15 lakh acres of land which will be spoiled. Who will give that much land?,”

From the comments of Maneka Gandhi, it appears that the river linking project will reduce to one of those issues which are intended to lure the voters. Maneka’s information regarding the river-liking seems logical. For reasons: The Climate, Ecology of North India , South India, Central India, West India and Est India are poles apart. When Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are quarrelling for their share of Cauvery water for decades; then why will farmers of one region sacrifice their water for a neighbour. The procurement and availability of land for river-linking, simply to get it submerged is another factor. Money can or cannot be a factor. In short, the much lofty words about river-linking as the panacea to all woes, seem plain words. BJP must have done a serious feasible study of the river linking project, before promising sky to the farmers.

The talk of river-linking project in Modi’s election speeches, reminds me of a kindergarten kid, who invites everyone in his class and colony for his upcoming Birthday party. The parents of the Birthday Boy get to know about the party, when the guests start landing at the venue with a gift in their hands.