RK Singh is tracing the footsteps of VK Singh!

You may be aware that the former Home Secretary of India and now a BJP man RK Singh has accused Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde of having given wrong information in the matter of the US helping India bring back underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

The latest news is, the Indian Home Minister has declined to comment on RK Singh’s allegations. Mr. Shinde has said,

“Singh is now a political man. His allegations are political in nature. He is now with BJP. I do not see him as a former home secretary but as a BJP man. I will not react to his allegations,”

Notably in November last year, after his retirement, RK Singh has joined the BJP.

RK Singh is tracing the footsteps of Gen VK Singh!

rk-singhUnfortunately, the former Home Secretary and now a BJP man RK Singh is doing exactly what General VK Singh did last year. Just like the General, RK Singh is now disclosing something which happened (or not happened) during his service tenure.

The allegations are unfortunate as they look mischievous and malicious. The allegations appear to be part of some plan to embarrass the Government. If RK Singh was so hurt by the acts of Shinde now, why didn’t he offer his resignation in protest of the misdeed then. If he can make the allegations in media now, then what stopped him from alleging the same during his tenure. If he was afraid of breaking the service rules then; then why is he disclosing them now. After All a top civil servant even post retirement is duty bound NOT TO reveal any privileged communication, which he received by the virtue of his post.

The reason why Mr. RK Singh didn’t put down his papers then, was because no bureaucrat is fool enough to throw away such a top job. Obviously, people who hold high positions are opportunists. He’s making the allegations now, as now he has joined the BJP. And now, he’s becoming useful to the BJP.

shindeThis will look politically motivated to some, but Mr. Shinde is doing the right thing. A bureaucrat who after retirement starts making public his in-service information is not a disinterested person (Impartial person). And every country loving citizen has a right to question the motives of such a bureaucrat.

Imagine what will happen if all top Civil servants and Army Officers start disclosing their service communications and decisions? As a Nation does many things to maintain Law& Order, sovereignty and International relations; the disclosure of such information can seriously undermine the Nation, we are proud of.

PS: Today is Congress is in power. If tomorrow BJP comes to power and similar allegations are leveled against by a retired bureaucrat, who happened to join the Congress; we will question that bureaucrat’s motives as well.

PS: The problem today is that the BJP the principal opposition party keeps criticising the elected Government on issues which can seriously threaten the sovereignty of India. Take for instance, the latest revelations by a British politician on Operation Blue Star in Punjab in 1984. Ideally BJP must not confront the Government on this revelation. The revelations about British Government supporting Indian Government during Operation Blue Star can be right or wrong; but the Opposition must understand that the operation was carried out to curb secessionist movement in Punjab. Every sovereign country has a right to keep intact its geographical territory.  No one can say in a bid to curb such secession movement, human right violations wouldn’t have taken place. What we are saying is, if a state goes into the route of freeing itself from parent country or starts demanding autonomy, the Government has to take drastic steps. Notably, during Uttarakhand State movement, those people who exhorted people to become anti-national are still languishing in jails. And rightly so.

BJP must know that rhetoric is not the policy everywhere, everytime.

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  • samir Jan 16, 2014, 9:24 pm

    Is the home ministry personal property of Shinde?Why should RK Singh have resigned when he came to know of these wrongdoings?He brought all these activities to the notice of PMO and cabinet secretary. Stop supporting such shameless corrupt leaders like Shinde.

  • samir Jan 16, 2014, 9:28 pm

    And also please do some real journalistic investigation. RK Singh only reacted to Shinde’s press conference of 10th January wherein Shinde had given some statements regarding RK Singh.Why is there still no investigation against Shinde?What if he really helped a busin aide of Dawood Ibrahim?You are prepared to overlook that????What if he really interfered in transfer postings of Delhi police officers?????

  • samir Jan 16, 2014, 9:30 pm

    Its a shame media is used to do propoganda of a political party like Congress which is full of corrupt shameless politicians.

  • Editor Jan 17, 2014, 9:54 am


    Everything you said can equally apply to BJP or some other political party or politicians. Hence lets not debate that.

    Actually you missed the point. The Home Ministry doesn’t belong to Shine, it belongs to us, We the People. Hence anything said or done which undermines the sovereignty of the country is our business.

    You are assuming that what RK Singh is speaking now is correct. Which in itself be debatable, as his revelation comes once he has retired.

    I still say, today is Congress, if tomorrow is BJP or some other party; and similar allegations are made, I will support the elected Government.