Rohit Vemula a Dalit or Not?…NOT the Question

Ever since Rohit Vemula killed himself, BJP is trying its best to prove that Rohit Vemula was not a Dalit.

BJP, the party of orators and spokespersons, who doesn’t want to lose any argument must understand that whether Rohit Vemula was a Dalit or Not, is not the question.

The Question is…Can you keep your mouth shut for a moment?

And hence, the statements such as,

Rohith Vemula offered namaz for Yakub Memon, organised beef parties: BJP’s Kailash Vijayvargiya

Rohith Vemula was not a dalit : Sushma Swaraj … or Smriti Irani, Sambit Patra or any other BJP leader…

will not help the BJP.

Nor will the PM Narendra Modi’s tears shed while addressing the NCC cadets in Delhi. The Rohit Vemula case needs some strong message sent in the form of the resignation of the Minister, MP, University Official whose conduct appears erroneously, prima facie (on the face of it). PM Modi’s words without follow up action mean nothing.

If BJP doesn’t want to speak any soothing word in support of Rohit Vemula, for whatever reasons, the it must at least don silence on the issue.

That said, it’s being said that the rival political parties are doing politics on the Rohit Vemula issue. The claim seems unjustified. For two reasons. One, if formal politics is part of a College or University system (in the form of elections to various Student Body posts) , then attacking someone for doing politics is not good. Unless, the issue being raised by the students and their supporters, relate to the issues relating to the students, then no one should complain. Since Rohit Vemula’s case, prima facie, appears to have arisen from the from a suspension, hence it can be protested. Two, Rohit Vemula’s case becomes even more acceptable when one compares it to the issues raised recently inside college campuses in the country’s capital : Fight Against Terrorism, Ram Mandir Temple (Although, running one’s brain at lengths can help one find links of these topics with college politics,… running one’s simple intelligence logic doesn’t see a link). Rohit Vemula’s case to a degree tells how sensitive issues are handled carelessly.

To this day, the Union Government raised very surprising questions. Such as, the incident where Rohit protested terrorist Yakub Memon’s hanging. The BJP Spokespersons must understand that protesting the death sentence doesn’t mean anything. The Law Commission of India also opposes the death sentence to those convicted of sexual assault.

Rohit Vemula’s death may not a death of Dalit, but it may be a death of someone who was not listened to or who was ignored till his death.