Rotten Gods: a thriller novel you are looking for

Rotten Gods, is Aussie writer Greg Barron’s first novel, is a gripping holiday novel.

In his debut novel, Barron has harnessed his studies in Global Terrorism into a riveting tale about the new wave of terrorism.

Novel’s Plot: Set in the very near future, the world’s leaders, presidents and heads of state are all gathered for an unprecedented meeting in Dubai; an attempt to bring society back from the brink of global catastrophe. Climate change is causing havoc and the world is in economic and ecological crisis.

Courtesy, the kind of gathering the billion dollar conference centre has; the security in the centre is fool proof. But one delegate with some hideous agenda, named Doctor Ali Khalid Abukar, a former humanitarian worker has seen too much deprivation and sadness and Pushed into extremism; successfully breaches the security and immediately, he and his extremist aides take everyone inside hostage.

The novel is the thrilling account of the seven days, following the hostage crisis.

The novel has everything to rasie the tension: the world outside the centre, swinging desperately into action to avert the crisis, Australian intelligence officers, Dr Abukar’s wife in Somalia as a key person holding the keys to the plans of the terrorists, Standing in her way is a western educated desert warlord, British diplomat Isabella Thompson, who helped the extremists hijack the conference centre; for she was Forced to betray her country after the kidnap of her two daughters, Her airline pilot husband, etc.

The Title of the Novel may appear a mis-match here; but it is not.

The author portrays each of his characters as Rotten Gods, and hence all are forced to examine their motives, faith and beliefs as they attempt to stave avert the crisis.

PS: The plot of the novel appears to be inspired by Mohd. Hanif, an Australian doctor of Indian origin, who was charged with aiding the bomb blast attempt in England. But was later found to be innocent; and acquitted.

Rotten GODS by Greg Barron
Publisher: Harper Collins
RRP: $36.99