Rs. 999 Xiaomi Mi Band Review

I hope you may also be aware of the launch of Mi Band from Xiaomi. It’s a kind of band which you wear on your wrist and it monitors your activity. What makes Mi Band really special is it’s price. It’s just Rs 1000 approx.

Xiaomi Mi Band Review

Alright the Mi band doesn’t have the features, many existing fitness or health monitoring bands in the market have, but look at their price as well. Some of the top fitness bands in market today cost Rs 5000. Mi Band is being offered at one-fifth or 20 percent of their price.

The Mi Band works on the Bluetooth low energy technology. Sync with the Mi Band app in real-time via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to view your fitness and sleep. The company claims that the Mi band lasts 30 days on one recharge. Although, I didn’t find that to be true. But it surely lasts 15 days.

What Mi Band records?

You activity and your sleep. That’s the number of steps you walked ran; and how better you slept the previous night. Better sleep means the number of minutes of deep sleep. Usually for an average human being out of total sleep duration, the deep sleep constitutes 70 to 80 minutes.

Thus if you wear your Mi band during jogging or walking, it record the number of steps walked, distance covered in miles or kilometres, the calories and the number of grams of fat burnt.

If you wear the Mi Band during sleep, it will tell you the duration for which you got deep sleep.

That apart you can choose to get alerts on your Mi Band for your incoming calls on the connected phone (the phone where you installed the Mi Band App).

That apart you can set alarm alert, so that your Mi Band vibrates to alert you.

The mi Band app ot Mi Fit also records yours activity and sleep history.

You can use your Mi Band as additional security for your smartphone too. That’s only you with the mi Band can unlock the device.

Pretty basic right? But look at the price. In addition, if you have an Android smartphone, then all you have to do is buy this band.

I don’t wear Mi Band all day long; but I do wear it during my morning walk. And tell you, it’s effective. Set for yourself, the “number of steps” goal and it keeps counting every step you take. Not only it tells you when you reach your goal, it saves your previous achievements too.

How To Sync Your Mi Band with Mi Fit App

Set up you Mi Band (don’t forget to charge the received the first time you open the Mi Band box). After that go to the Android device, which you want to sync with your Mi Band, and install Mi Fit app from Google Play app store. After installation, just sync. And you are ready.

NOTE: Even if you choose to wear your Mi Band 24 hours a day; you don’t need to carry your mobile along. The data will be updated the next time you are close to your mobile.

To tell you, Mi Band has pretty decent range; and updates quite quickly.

You can use Mi Band with other Apps such as Google Fit as well. But from my experience, Mi Fit app is most accurate.

The Quality of the band is very good.