RSS Leader Manmohan Vaidya on Reservation : Gibberish!

Speaking at the Jaipur Literature Festival, yesterday, RSS publicity head Manmohan Vaidya said,

arkashan ka visay Bharat me anusuchit jati aur anusuchit janjati ke liye alag sandarbh me aya hai. Apne hi bandhu bandhavon ko hamne lambe samay tak samman se, suvidhayon se, shiksha se door rakha hai. Ek particular caste me paida hone ke karan unhein sabse door rakha gaya. Yeh theek nahin hai.Yah bahut anyaya hua hai. Yah bahut galat hua hai. Uska parivaarjan karne ki jimmedari hamari hai. Iss liye unko saath lane ke liye, aarakshan ka pravdhan samvidhan me aarambh se kiya gaya hai. Yah bhi Dr. Ambedkar ji ne kaha hai ki kisi bhi rashtra me hamesha ke liye aise arakshan ka pravdhan rahna yah achha nahin hai. Jald se jald iski avshyakta nirast hokar, sabko saman avsar dene ka avsar aana chaiye. Yah bhi unhone kaha hai, ki yah aarakshan ki seema hai. Baki anya aarakshan ke badle me, sabko avsar adhik diye jayein, shiksha adhik di jaye, iss prakar ka prayatna karna chahiye. Iske aage aarakshan dena algav vaad badhane wali baat hai mujhe aisa lagta hai.

[Source: India TV video from 20 seconds to 1:28 Mins]

Translation: The issue of Reservation for SC and STs in India has come from a different context.For a long period of time, we have deprived our own brothers and sisters from respect, from facilities, from education. They were kept marginalized because of their taking birth in a particular caste. This is not Correct. This is injustice. This very wrong. It’s our responsibility to rectify this mistake. In order to bring them along, the Constitution of India provided for reservation from the day one. Dr. Ambedkar has also said that permanent reservation is good for any country. Its necessity must cease as soon as possible, and one must consider to provide equal opportunities to all. He has also said that this is a limit to the reservation. For the rest, in place of reservation all must be given more opportunities, more education. One must try this. Giving reservation beyond a certain limit increases separatism or division. One gets such a feeling.

Ever since this statement, the spokesperson of both BJP and RSS are clarifying that RSS is not against reservation system.

One must give both a benefit of doubt. As it’s really difficult to ascertain whether RSS leader Vaidya is in favor of reservation or not. The entire statement is gibberish (in Hindi, Gadmad).

What is important here is one one fact. What Mr. Vaidya said yesterday is very similar to what RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said before the 2015 Bihar assembly polls.

As far as Reservation is concerned, one thing can be said for sure. If a person is a real supporter of equality, then he/she would be at peace at with Reservation system in India and will NOT see it as an obstacle to Nation’s growth.

Speaking about reservation with a lot of “ifs and buts”, itself means there’s some uneasiness with it. Speaking such gibberish is just to confuse the listener.

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