RSS concern for Reservation in India… Real or Sham!

When RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh speaks publicly about reservation system in India it makes Poor or less privileged synonymous with Caste based Social Discrimination.

If you’re our regular reader, then you know that the biggest thing we are against: Sham (Sham is anything that is not what it appears or claims to be).

We see the comments of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) about reservation in India, as sham.

Why? As they usually are not what they appear or claim to be.

Take for instance, BJP’s parent organisation RSS’ latest comment on Reservation system in India.

In its mega event yesterday, RSS said: The Affluent should let go reservation for the benefit of Weaker sections.

The statement is nothing but a sham.

If the statement is simplified, then it simply means the affluent sections among reserved categories must not avail their right of reservation.

Why we think it’s a sham statement.

Affluent or privileged among reservation category are not encroaching upon the reservation opportunity of the weak among them.


RSS tries to present a picture, where the weaker sections are being deprived of reservation simply because the affluent among them are denying them of their right or encroaching upon their right.

Which is a fallacy for two reasons.

One, the reserved category seats often go unfilled.

Two, if a reserved category candidate makes a place in General merit list, then he/she is counted in General merit. So there is no question of affluent among reserved categories eating up the seat of least privileged among them.

Reservation System in India is based on Social discrimination


That said, the basic fundamental of reservation system in India is not ‘Poor’ or ‘weaker section’.

The criterion for reservation system in India is social discrimination resulting from being born in a certain Caste(the hereditary classes in some societies).

What does this mean? This means that a General category person doesn’t become entitled to reservation merely because he/she is poor or less privileged or; sees himself/herself as poor. If there’s no social discrimination rooting from the the caste based circumstances then, there can be no reservation.

When so-called cultural organisations such as RSS exhort the Nation to have debate on reservation, they use Poor or less privileged in place of Social discrimination.

That said, because the reservation system in India in its current form is not doing any bad for the reserved categories, hence, no one including the must have any problem with it. If RSS wants real equality in the society then it must welcome the reservation system in India because reservation is visibly helping India become a more equal society.

To conclude, RSS calls itself a cultural organization, when in reality it keeps raising contentious political topics. These topics are then conveniently picked up by its political arm, the BJP. This is not good because only a political organisation can be held accountable for its public stands. In short, RSS should not go public with those views which many people believe are that of BJP. Let BJP raise such debates on its own. One such issue where BJP must clear its stand is that of reservation system in India.