Russell Crowe sweating hard to lose weight

Often talked for his weight, Hollywood actor Russell Crowe, best known for his role in movie Gladiator, has embarked on a fitness regime to get back to shape.

The 46-year-old Australian star, said that he has been doing lots of “sweaty” workouts in a bid to combat his weight “issue”.

In his latest tweet to his followers, Crowe said:

“Today Body movement 1hr, 50 min walk,14km bike ride. Body movement can be anything as long as your heart rates up & you’re breathing deeply.”

[NOTE: The actor is right about the Body movement thing]

In an earlier tweet, in the morning of the day before, Crowe revealed that he had done two separate workouts that made him “sweaty”. Another tweet, made two days ago revealed that he was quite surprised that he had “no residual soreness” from doing an 8km walk.

[NOTE: Residual soreness can be understood as pain in leg muscles after someone walks long or runs after a long time. The reason for pain is the accumulation of lactic acid in leg muscles.]

Like a true hero, for his Twitter-verse followers, Gladiator Crowe also encouraged his followers, to join a Gym. Further Underlining that, “Just start, that’s the hardest bit, everything flows from that.”

[NOTE: A Great advice. It’s true that ‘starting any exercise’ is the most difficult part. But once a person makes that start, the feel good chemicals the body secretes in response to exercise; make ‘a state of addiction for exercise’ in the individual. And longer a person perseveres, stronger the ‘exercise addiction’ becomes.]

Earlier, Russell has admitted that his recent weight gain is an “issue”. Something he struggles at. Adding further that one reason for it is his age, where he’s to watch everything he eats and have to be really disciplined.

[NOTE: The fact that, while the rate of metabolism of a person decreases with increasing age; but the sedentary nature of life increases; hence weight control at middle age in itself is a challenge. Add to this the fact that a person in his forties has very few things which motivate him; plus there are other engagements which take his time; hence controlling weight becomes difficult. 40s for most people is the age of laid back living; satisfactory to ample money and resources; makes weight gain inevitable.]

But Russel, has manages to embark on a fitness regimen, even at 46. Why? As he has an immediate reason to remain motivated. Crowe is in talks to star in the latest Superman movie, according to recent reports. And he has to get back to shape fast; as Sean Penn and Clive Owen are apparently also both after the role as Superman’s father Jor-El.

If Russell is your favorite actor, let his ‘embarking on fitness regimen’ be the reason for you embarking the road to fitness too. May be both of you may celebrate at the same time – Crowe for the bagged role; and you for getting fighting fit again.