Sabarimala Temple Entry fight proves One Point Again!

Forget Sabarimala Temple entry to women demand. Pick any issue raised in recent past — you can say this one thing for SURE.

It will be wrong to say: The women who are demanding entry in the Sabarimala temple, Kerala, are making an unjustified demand.

sabarimala temple entry to women, Sabarimala women protests, SC Sabarimala verdict, #SabrimalaVerdict, Sabarimala pro women verdictIt will be wrong to say: The women who fought for the the Sabarimala temple entry, fought an unnecessary battle.

It will be wrong to say: The Muslim women or any woman who are demanding equal rights for their gender, are making an unjustified demand.

But one thing, which can be said is,

When it comes to a woman or a group of women demanding such rights, they are a divided lot.

Pick any issue from — Right to get maintenance, bilateral divorce, access to public places or even reservation for women in Indian Parliament — Women are a divided lot!

This division is not linked to women of any particular religion. The benefit of more seats for women in Indian Parliament is not a demand specific to any particular religion.

Why go far, look at the latest “Sabarimala temple entry to women” issue. You will find that among the fiercest opponents of “a woman’s entry in the Sabarimala temple” are not the men alone. You will find women, in equal numbers, if not more.

That is why, it is NO SURPRISE that every such issue becomes something of a gameplay — where every one is only interested in outsmarting the other.

For politicians, such issues, offer a Godsend opportunity to “Agree on something, in Principle”. For political purposes, they can easily guide and see them (such issues) transform from  — justified to… plainly ridiculous (OR liberal to… highly communal).

Why Godsend opportunity? … Because it diverts we people’s attention from real issues. FYI, amidst petrol, diesel price rise and markets in turmoil in India; the people in France are questioning their Government about Rafale Fighter sale to India. Their country earned money by selling Rafale to India, still they are questioning their Govt. — Was the deal Transparent?