Sachin Tendulkar Requests Chandigarh Women Wear Helmets

Yesterday, Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar was seen on Chandigarh roads donning another responsibility — the responsibility of educating women Two-Wheeler drivers in Chandigarh , the importance of wearing a Good Helmet. In the Road safety education drive organised by Chandigarh Police, the cricketer not only requested the women two wheeler drivers on Chandigarh roads to wear a good genuine helmet, he also gifted some helmets to the lucky few.

Women do need to Wear Helmets , while driving a Two-wheeler and also when on pillion seat

Genuine HelmetLets accept this fact: Women don’t wear a helmet, as a helmet doesn’t look on their heads.

But women must wear a Helmet. Why? As it’s for safety and not for enhancing one’s looks. That apart, a woman’s head is not stronger than a man’s. Hence, there’s no reason they can ignore the safety.

It’s not that the looks are the only reason which discourage women wear a Helmet. Sometimes religion becomes an obstacle too. For instance, some years ago when Chandigarh Police made helmet compulsory  for pillion rider on a two-wheeler (who is not driving the two-wheeler), Akali Dal issued a diktat that : In Sikhism Women are not allowed to wear a Head Gear!

Weird Right? As if the Sikhism is al right with a woman dying because of a Head injury.

Helmet is a Must, every time you take the Road

In India we take safety too casually. An example of this attitude is : People First Buy the Two-wheeler and after many weeks buy a Helmet. Some never buy a Helmet. Those who buy, many times buy a fake helmet — A helmet which is for preventing any Police Challan.

This casual attitude is not good. As a Rule of Thumb : Grab your genuine helmet everytime you grab your two wheeler keys.

This means , a two wheeler rider must wear a helmet even when he/she is going 100 metres. Yes, it means exact this.

Why? As accidents can happen any time.  Accidents happen because of two factors : Over speeding or Lack of Attention . Although one can overspeed both in short and long distances, but studies show that Lack of Attention happens only when a Two-wheeler Rider plies on a short , all too familiar route. When the driver knows the route all too well, then he/she starts driving subconsciously. That’s he/she may be thinking about other things like girlfriend, family, bad boss, upcoming holidays, exams etc. and automatically reaches the destination without focusing on the road. That’s why, if a person goes to some destination for the first time (where he/she has to focus on route or ask directions), the chances of an accident become almost zero. But when the same person starts plying to the same destination every day, then the probability of accident increases. That’s why do wear a helmet, every time you hit the road.

To Conclude, the helmet is a must for the pillion rider on a two-wheeler as well. Since the non-driver is even less attentive than the driver, he/she is at an even higher risk.

Happy Riding!

PS: When a woman with kid dies in a Two-wheeler accident (whether driving herself or sitting on the pillion seat), the whole family breaks down. The first to have the negative effect are the children. Hence women with kids have an additional responsibility to safeguard themselves on road.