Sacrificing even Sex, job Promotion for Slim Body | Study

Skinny Figure or Sex? Half of Women and Quarter of men Would Rather Lose Weight, Survey Finds

A couple of years ago, a survey conducted by Nutrisystem, surprised many Americans and the World. The Survey painted a picture of an average American as someone highly obsessed with weight loss and having a keen desire to have a flat tummy. To the extent that nearly half of the participating women and 25 percent of men chose abstaining from even sex to get a slim body.

Actually the sacrifices these normal Americans were ready to make included : pass up a promotion (salary raise), get rid of cell phones, TV sets and even giving up Sex , in exchange for not gaining 10-15 pounds.

What made the findings interesting was the fact that the willingness of sacrificing a salary hike or promotion came at the peak of economic recession.

This obsession for dieting and weight loss, may not be showing the true intent of an average american, as majority of Americans aren’t eating healthier or getting thinner, said Joe Redling, chairman and CEO of Nutrisystem, Inc.

But the survey does point to a keen desire to lose weight. As the survey also found that 29 percent of Americans have tried dieting, in the eleven months prior to the Survey. When this period was extended further back to eleven months, then about half of the participants had dieted.

It is not about skinny or sex : It is about the desire to lose weight to get healthy

Food is a big motivation in Life. In the ups and downs of Life, food provides many among us emotional stability. Equally true is the desire to remain slim, mainly because having a more than normal body weight starts  minor to major Health complications. It also starts restricting the agileness required in day to day life. If reached to the stage of Obesity, then it starts restricting Social Life as well.  That’s why there’s nothing wrong in maintaining a healthy body weight.

The problem arises when slim body becomes equal to anorexia (Body wight below healthy limit). If an overweight or obese person has desire to lose excess pounds or kilograms of fat, it’s good. But if an anorexic person has such obsession then it’s problematic, health-wise.

Hence it must not be about being skinny or not having sex. It must be about Health.

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