What is Similar Between Saina Nehwal and Yuvraj Singh?

Someone has rightly said : You don’t win Silver, you LOSE Gold.

The Euphemism (One Liners loaded with Wisdom) came to my mind the moment I learned that India’s Ace Badminton player Saina Nehwal has yet again succumbed to pressure in an important match — the final of World Badminton Championship.

With no disrespect to any one, I had a feeling, before the match, that we would soon hear Saina win a silver. Unfortunately, that feeling proved correct.

Why I had that feeling?

That too when Saina had better record against Spain’s Carolina María Marín Martín.

The reason is : Saina Nehwal’s reluctance to fight her own battles. Even after becoming the number ONE Woman badminton player in the World, she still seems to dependent on her father for the motivation.

In every person’s life, irrespective of the profession one is in, there comes a time; when he/she has to fight his/her own battles.

Fighting one’s own battles, means depending on no one but SELF for motivation and rising out of any disappointment and failure. Even if you fall, you have to stand up yourself. Without any Support.

Unfortunately, for both Saina Nehwal and cricketer Yuvraj Singh; such battles are constantly being fought by their parents. The more their parents try to motivate them and cheer them up, the more weak Saina and Yuvraj will become.

This is the similarity between Saina Nehwal and Yuvraj Singh

Fight Your Battle Yourself

If you’re preparing for some competitive exam, searching for a new job or fighting any battle in your life; FIGHT YOUR BATTLE YOURSELF. The strength to face situations must come from within.

Want any role model? Then take inspiration from India’s most successful Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Even when Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh publicly abused Dhoni; not only MSD kept his cool, but neither his father nor mother appeared on TV News channels to defend their son.