Salman Khan Arijit Singh Cold War | Pure Management Lesson for you!

Is Salman Khan obstructing Arijit’s singing career?

Has Salman Khan told the makers of Welcome To New York to remove Arijit’s song from the movie? (Salman Khan is doing a cameo in the movie)

arijit singh, salman khan, management lesson, salman arijit war, salman arijit fightActually it doesn’t matter whether salman is doing that or not. What matters is that Salman Khan is unhappy with Arijit’s presence in a project which he is part of.

And this brings us to the point of the article.

Arijit’s case seems to be that of “Foot in the Mouth” behavior (speaking unnecessarily). Rather than his singing skill, it seems that star Salman Khan is unhappy with Arijit’s professional and non-professional mannerisms.

Remember that, in any work ecosystem, you must know who are considered stars or legends. A new comer to any work place may be a genius, but he/she must have true respect for those who are considered stars or legends. In simple, he/she cannot disrespect those who are considered stars or legends. Salman Khan and a few others, are considered stars because their work years and volume speaks for itself. It seems that Arijit Singh failed to understand that.

There are real chances that Arijit’s song in Welcome To New York will be removed. But for that no one but Arijit has to take the blame.

Arijit fans may take his side today, but that will not make the singer’s struggle easier (if there’s one). We can reason it any way. It is a case of a fresher not understanding the work ecosystem fully — which is he/she must have a healthy and true respect for a star or a legend in the industry. And it is different from Sycophancy!

Welcome To New York will hit the screens on February 23, 2018. The film has Diljit Dosanjh and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles.