Salman Khan Mobile App launched, named “Being in Touch”

Being Salman Khan in itself is a big deal for Salman Khan Fans, think about — Being in Touch — with him. Through Salman Khan mobile app.

Salman Khan who’s celebrating his 51st birthday today, December 27, has launched a mobile application titled ‘Being In Touch’. The app will enable his fans remain updated about is happening in his personal and professional life.

Salman even posted a YouTube video inviting all his fans to get in touch through the Salman Khan mobile App.

The App gives fans a peek into what it means being Salman Khan. The app shares gives you easy access to all his social media pages to never-seen-before photographs, videos of the star directly speaking to his fans and the star recollecting and sharing interesting instances of his life.

The Salman Khan Mobile App “Being In Touch”  is free and available for download on the Google Play Store.

Simply go to Google Play store on your mobile and search — Being in Touch.