Salman Khan Official Facebook Page…Yes He’s on Facebook Now

There’s only actor in India at present, whose fans are as loyal Apple’s. The star is Salman Khan.

Shahrukh may have once asked Kollywood Superstar Rajnikanth, “How to become a Superstar”; but it’s Salman who learned the Rajni Star tricks better Shahrukh.

Salman may be at the peak of his career; but like Rajni, he makes a movie and dishes it to its fans and they never fail to see it, if not more, than at least once.

That said. After Amitabh Bacchan’s advent on Facebook on September 8; Salman Khan also joined the social network on September 14.

And look what, in more than a day he accumulated over 2 million (20 Lakh) likes.

In a video message posted on his page, Salman said:

“A lot of people told me ‘there are so many of (your) fake Facebook pages, so when are you joining it’. So here I am on this platform.”

 “Jitne fake pages hain woh ya toh woh join kar le is page ko or kya kahun main? ‘Fake off’ (So all the fake pages either just join this page or, what can I say, fake off).”

 “We are opening Being Human stores all over India starting October,” 

Salman Khan’s official Facebook page here

Facebook Love to Salman as of now:

3.2 Million (32 Lakh) Likes.

And this is much much more than the Facebook Love Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, have commanded.