Sant Rampal and bamboos bearing weight of Placards!

Some years ago, when contractual employees in Gurgaon’s Maruti Campus were caned by the Police, a big section of Indians reacted as to how peaceful non-violent protesters were caned by the Police. No one asked, how peaceful was the protest. In the same tiff between the Company management and the contractual employees, an HR manager got killed. Although, who killed the HR Manager is still uncertain; one thing was very visible. The protestors were not that non-violent. The placards and white flags they were carrying were put on oiled fighting bamboo sticks. In short, the outer veil may be non-violent, but the intent was surely not. Maruti Gurgaon is not an exception. In fact, it has become a norm in most protests these days. It’s a mockery of the very tenet of non-violence. A non-violent protest is one where people protest and offer themselves for arrest. Bringing Canes to the protesting site, disguised under placards and white flags, is simply deception. It’s also unsafe for others commuting on road and society as well. Society because such clever tactics are only encouraging violence in the society we live in. When protesters carry sticks to fight, the situation can escalate in no time. That apart, the question: Can a religious cult or group disobey Court Orders? is always there.

The so called peaceful protestors carrying sticks came to my mind, when I saw the supporters of Sant Rampal in Hissar, staging a peaceful protest against Punjab and Haryana HC orders to arrest their Guru. Look at the picture below, and understand why situation is tense in Hissar. Yes, you guess it right, under the veil of peace Sant Rampal’s supporters are preparing themselves for face off with police. After All, one doesn’t need a fighting cane to carry the weight of a placard or a piece of white cloth. A fighting stick is needed to fight or contain.


Godman Rampal and Peaceful Protest

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