Sarabjit Singh’s daughter made NaibTehsildar…WTH

Swapndeep Kaur, the elder daughter of Late Sarabjit Singh, was appointed yesterday the Naib Tehsildar by the Punjab Government. The letter of appointment was personally handed over to Swapndeep Kaur by the Akali Dal CM Prakash Singh Badal.

Notably, Sarabjit Singh was killed in an attack in Pakistan jail in May this year. He was cremated in Punjab on May 3.

Emotions aside, this is quite illogical:

It’s quite illogical for any government to offer Public Service Commission (PSC) posts for political gains. This especially when thousands of candidates toil day and night to get the appointment.  It’s high time Governments stop seeing administrative posts as their own property and instead give due respect to those who prepare for such posts. In recent past, the widow of DSP Zia Ul Haq was given a government job by the Akhilesh Yadav led SP Government in Uttar pradesh.

Government jobs in India have become peanuts for anyone who wants to black mail the elected governments. No matter what happens in India, the aggrieved party doesn’t shy away from demanding a government job. The situations where the kith and kin demand government jobs are unending; and include unfortunate events of all kinds, such as: Assault, food poisoning, accidental deaths and so on. These demands sometimes makes one think – How on earth the Government job compensate for the loss!

The appointments to Administrative posts must be made solely on merit. If people are appointed to these posts on the basis of emotion and vote bank; then all the complains about poor administration become futile. That apart, there’s a lot of hue and cry about reservation in Government jobs in India. At least, even those candidates who benefit from the reservation, prepare hard to the make it to the appointment.