Sardar NaMo Facebook Namah 2014

Sardar NaMo Facebook Namah 2014, may include, APJ Abdul Kalam will be the next President of India, again elected through Facebook Parliament.

The way some Narendra Modi fan groups are using Facebook for the 2014 General Elections campaigning has made me sit back and think what all might happen if he really wins and becomes the Prime Minister of India in 2014. Here we go with Bhavishyavaani (Prophecy) by Baba Govindanand Maharaj… A Sardar NaMo Facebook Namah 2014, sort of… inspired by Akbar Namah by Abul Fazal.

Sardar NaMo Facebook Namah 2014, or sardar narendra modi facebook namah 2014 may include all sorst of suggestions. Some Namo Facebook campaigns are literally worshipping narendra modi as god. Some namo facebook campaigns as expert administrator. namo facebook, namo facebook, namo facebook have taken a heck of a hyperbole.
  1. Facebook will be declared the next Election Commission of India and 2019 General elections will be conducted on Facebook. Every Indian will be registered on Facebook with a Unique Identification Number. Votes can also be registered via Twitter if one has a joint account.
  2. Two thirds of the ministers in the 2014 Cabinet will be nominated by Facebook NaMo brigade.
  3. APJ Abdul Kalam will be the next President of India, again elected through Facebook Parliament.
  4. Subramaniyam Swami will be the Home minister appointee by Facebook and he will eradicate all the Terrorists from the Face of Facebook.
  5. Smart NaMo phone will come with a Facebook app, using which you can directly lodge complaints with NaMo. Thus a pothole on your road will be tarred within 2 hours of the complaint using photoshop and you will see swanky left hand drive Volvo buses plying on your roads in no time. The photographs will be uploaded directly to your Facebook profile.
  6. Rahul Gandhi will be exported to Italy with his mother and Priyanka and Robert will start to live in a two-bedroom economy apartment on Facebook.
  7. Kashmir and POK will become part of India and Pakistan will cease to exist thanks to another smart app that will erase Pakistan from the Facebook.
  8. A magnificent Ram-temple will be built in Ayodhya using the Temple run-2014 special NaMo version for Facebook.
  9. President of USA, Obama will apply for Indian Visa to attend a class in Gandhinagar on how to build his image using Facebook. Though Indian authorities reject his application due to his cruelty to minorities all over the world, NaMo will allow him entry because India believes in “Athithi Devo bhava” policy.
  10. Muslims of India will agree for Common Civil Code and voluntarily declare in a gala webcast on Facebook that they are Hindu Nationalist Muslims.
  11. Poverty will disappear from India on the Facebook and the Dollar will fall on the feet of Rupee begging for mercy.
  12. Secularism will be redefined as separation of state from Facebook. So criticism of State which automatically means NaMo will become communal. NaMo isn’t vindictive so he will not punish such people. But for the sake of saving Secularism, the Facebook accounts of such people will be frozen and blocked keeping the national interest in mind.
  13. Barkha, Arnab, Rajdeep, Karan Thapar and their ilk will finally be brought to Facebook and will face the music as the nation watches.
  14. Godhra, Gujarat and 2002 will be removed from the History Facebooks.
  15. Finally a large statue of Sardar Patel with complete Solar paneling will be constructed in Gandhinagar. This will be the largest statue in the world and will be taller than the Statue of Liberty. This statue complex will have universities, schools, hospitals, national highways and several factories apart from the Facebook Parliament house. This also act as a satellite launch unit. The first Satellite launched from the unit will be a completely Solar powered one and will be named SNM-FB-N-2014 !

More and more innovative development projects will be in the pipeline. Anyone with fertile imagination can join the Facebook NaMo Brigade to reach out to people with the message, “What all can be achieved if NaMo becomes Prime Minister” !