Save the Sparrow ” initiative in New Delhi | Few Suggestions

Some people are trying to save the already missing humble and cute little bird Sparrow. They recently organised “Save the Sparrow ” initiative in New Delhi recently. Read the brief description about the initiative:

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Thank you Rajan Suman, the Secretary, for letting us know about the initiative.

Below are my some quick suggestions to save the Sparrow.

As the initiative says, the fastly missing sparrow from our neighborhoods do need water, shelter and grain to return back or; survive. If sparrows are not brought back to our neighborhoods; then sparrows will extinct. They need humans to survive, as may be during thousands of years of evolution, they have adapted themselves to co-exist with humans ONLY.

Earlier, we people in our rural and urban homes used to sun dry grains. Today, with a more inclination towards cook-ready grain, we are no more doing that.

Earlier, small nesting places were also made while constructing houses. Today, there’s no such concept. The annual or bi-annual house cleaning projects today mean removing all the sparrow or pigeon nests.

Such permanent efforts need to be taken to save the sparrow. A bird’s nest must not be seen as a unwelcome encroachment of our premises. The premises are theirs as well.

The sparrows need to be saved, not only because they make are an indicator of a Greener environs. They must be saved because they make our surroundings lively with their morning chirping.