Changes made in SC/ST Act must be reviewed | Our Support

On important issues, it is our duty to make our stand clear. The Dehradun Post sees the changes made in SC/ST Act as much ahead of the time.

Today’s Bharat Bandh against recent changes made in SC/ST Act by Supreme Court is seeing mixed reactions. Broadly speaking, people seem to be divided in two groups. One those who support the Bandh, and see the changes made by Supreme Court as unfortunate; and the other which is simply calling the Bandh as anti-General category.

As a reader, it is your wish as to where you want to stand in this class tussle.

As far as The Dehradun Post is concerned then — We Support the demand for a review of the changes made to SC/ST Act. But it would have been good, if the factions have not resorted to violence. Protests must be peaceful, without exception.

The primary reason as to why we think the government did the correct thing to file review petition against the changes (filed a review today) is that — We as a society   have a long way to go on the subject of social equality. We first have to make our society socially equal. Only then we can think about legal equality. In simple words, it means that first we have to become a society assessing people on pure merit. We as a society praises merit, but with a lots of “Ifs and buts”.

The view may not be acceptable to many readers, but this is our stand after seeing todays India and after weighing in all the factors associated with SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989. Lets see what emerges out of the review petition.