Scandalous Housewives … Indian answer to Desperate Housewives?

You may find all the ingredients of Desperate Housewives, though in Indian setting! This time it’s desperate housewives Mumbai.

What can be the closest thing to Desperate Housewives, a popular American television comedy-drama-mystery series, about four housewives steering forward their lives filled with never ending domestic struggles and family life; while living & facing their secret carnal desires and the ensuing drama, mysteries, morality questions, crimes hidden behind the doors of their — at the surface — beautiful and seemingly perfect suburban American neighborhood?

It can be Scandalous housewives Mumbai by Madhuri Banerjee, Indian bestselling author and writer.

Scandalous Housewives … Indian version is the story of four women living in Sapphire Towers, a residential high-rise in Mumbai. Just like Desperate Housewives, everything appears calm on the outside. The housewives appear busy in their mundane life. They have the same concerns and aspirations about their child’s future. They have the same financial questions, which seem to start and end with the making a harmony between family earnings and expenses. One or the other nagging problems is always worrying them. But overall they are facing the situations bravely and trying to keep their family lives as picture perfect as possible. But are there some other problems which are unsettling them on a day to day basis? It seems to be the case. Behind close doors there’s another aspect of their lives which they want to keep properly veiled. Just as any other Worldly survival problems, this aspect of their lives has many shades to it. In short, for these desperate housewives Mumbai, their secret second lives have ample shades to them. There’s a forbidden relationship following an irresistible lust, addiction to kinky sex, misery, cougarism (cradle rocker, where a woman is having relations with a much younger man), forbidden carnal relationships and secrets.

Overall, the four housewives in the novel seem to be borrowed straight from Desperate Housewives USA. The author’s Desperate Housewives Mumbai has the same characters as the American TV Drama — A frustrated mother, a conservative housewife, a working woman and an ex model (imagine Latina Eva Longoria).