When a School going Child makes funny Political videos

Yesterday I discovered a YouTube Channel, claimed to be run by a school going girl.

How I discovered the channel? Through a YouTube comment posted by the girl on some other video. Approximately speaking, her comment read: For more such funny Rahul Gandhi videos, visit the video I have created on my channel. She had used a derogatory word for Rahul Gandhi but I choose not to repeat it. After all she is still a kid. I’m not.

Her YouTube video is just a mishmash of Rahul Gandhi and PM Narendra Modi speeches; and many find it funny. But I found it sad. For a few reasons.

One, in the video, the child is behaving like an adult. She is even using bad word at at least one place.

Two, going by her age, I’m not sure what she is talking about. She is just parroting, what she hears from her parents, elders or on TV; Or she is simply saying so because she has an access to a smartphone or PC connected to the internet.

Or there may be another possibility. Someone, right from her parents to anyone, might have told her that people are creating videos making fun of Rahul Gandhi and earning Lakhs.

There could be any of the above reasons because it is simply NOT possible for a child her age to have so much clarity about politics, adult life challenges, daily life struggles, family budget etc. that she can make fun of Rahul Gandhi.

So any reasonable man or woman would pity such a child.

Ideally instead of making such YouTube videos, she must be reading good books, playing outdoors.

Rahul Gandhi, may not be a 70 year old politician. But he is still a publicly elected MP. More so, as the president of a national political party, he has far more resources and people to research about price rise, economy, job loss, job creation etc. than even a well-read average adult. In addition, he is in touch with every leader of the rival political party, policy makers and anyone who matters. Forget about children, even well-versed adults would think twice before setting aside what he or any of his counter-part says.

Talking of the bigger picture, if the girl represents even the minuscule (insignificant small) portion of the “youngest population in the World” which our politicians habitually boast of, then we need to rethink.

Parents must think even more!