Sean Kingston realizes the preciousness of life after near fatal accident

Some events in life can be a life changer. This is recently been realized by singer Sean Kingston.

The singer who met with a jet ski accident in May this year, that almost killed him; now realizes how lucky he was to be alive after the accident. A realization which made him develop a new outlook for life.

Now, almost healed of his injuries, Kingston claims that he feels better than ever.

Sean kingston – Jet Ski Injuries
A report of Sean Kingston´s condition after he crashes his water ski.

The reason for the feel good feeling is — Kingston has lost almost 50 pounds of weight from his former 300-pound frame. The singer reveals that after shedding nearly 45 pounds, he is getting his healthiness and has been working out every day to get healthier.

Courtesy the near death experience, the singer has now realized well the preciousness of Life; and as the next logical inference, seems to have developed the aversion to taking life for granted. Reflecting on this sentiment, Kingston says that he needs to keep losing weight and he’ll keep the initiative going. Equipped with the new found wisdom, the singer underlines that It’s easy to gain weight (when you’re in the studio). The singer resolves not to happen that again.

In his new lifestyle, the singer doesn’t eat after 6pm, and spends his evenings on the treadmill.

**Good news for Kingston fans, the singer also said that he is no longer on any pain medication, and now feels ready to get back to work.

Conclusion: It’s totally non-desirable to realize the importance of health and preciousness of life, the way Sean did. Life is precious, and there are no debates about it. So realize the value of life, before it gives a big jerk. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is to keep a body weight that is normal.

People like Sean are blessed ones, that’s why even Life gives them a second chance. Remember not everyone is that lucky; so if you have ignored your life up to now (which means ignoring your body), then it’s time to realize the preciousness of it; before it’s too late.