18-28 year olds | Never confuse Self employment with Jobs

Any political leader equating Self employment (and entrepreneurship) with EMPLOYMENT(JOBS) might be  misinforming you (or telling you a lie).

If you are a regular reader of The Dehradun post then you know that here the primary objective of our articles is to help you focus on the real issues.

self employed, entrepreneurship, job numbers, unemployment rateTherefore we don’t follow any particular content categorization time-table. Instead we post articles based on what we think will be useful information for any young man/woman; or any thinking individual we see in our day to day lives.

Let us talk about Self Employment and Jobs today.

  • Self employment means collecting one’s own resources and skills to start a livelihood.
  • When self employed people excel in their efforts, they start expanding their efforts, resources and; start employing people. This is called Entrepreneurship.
  • A Job in its general definition means working for someone else(employer) and; getting paid in a periodic manner on a regular basis(daily, monthly etc.).

In our present political atmosphere — The present Government (the present political parties in power, headed by BJP) treats Self-employment, entrepreneurship etc. and JOBS as one and the same concept.

Therefore when the present Government or the present political parties in power, headed by BJP, is asked to give data about the — Number of jobs being created or the rate of unemployment — in the country today, it starts talking about SELF-EMPLOYMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

SELF-EMPLOYMENT (& ENTREPRENEURSHIP) and JOBS are two different concepts. Hence they cannot be compared.


Why the two must not be compared? Some simple reasons:

  • 90 percent of self employed never live a good life. They fail to save enough. They fail to have financial security for them and their families. Their families live a life of extreme financial stress.
  • 9 out of 10 Enterprises (started by Entrepreneurs) Fail. They not even Fail, they also lose most of their savings or/and any financial support.
  • Majority of people do JOBS. 99 percent of people choose jobs. Jobs ensure timely earnings (in the form of salaries) and also provide different degrees of financial security (Employee Funds, Family cover, salary increases etc.). Thats why,the high rate of unemployment is problematic for majority of people. Today, the rate of unemployment is the highest in last 45 years.

So from the above reasons (the numbers used are for illustrative purposes only) it is clear why 99 percent people in any country (except for agriculture) prefer a job.

Here I will highly recommend this book by Milind Khandekar. It shares 15 rags to riches (or hardships to cake-walks) stories of 15 dalit millionaires. The book doesn’t go all gaga about entrepreneurship; it keeps reminding the reader what serious risks self-employment (entrepreneurship) involves. Any youth can read it.

This doesn’t mean being self-employed or being an entrepreneur is bad.

It only means that

  1. The idea of Self employment (and entrepreneurship) can never be pushed forward in the name of lack of JOBS CREATION or high UNEMPLOYMENT RATE. Any political leader who equates Self employment (and entrepreneurship) with EMPLOYMENT(JOBS) is mis-informing you (or is speaking a lie).
  2. You can decide to become a self employed person or an entrepreneur right now. But before making that decision you must understand the skills, resources and risks involved in becoming a self-employed person or an entrepreneur.

This article is particularly written for young men/women (18-28 years old) who find the idea of self-employment or entrepreneurship attractive. I hope that now they understand why rate of unemployment in any country is important. Specially to the youth.

I also hope that now they also understand why self-employment or entrepreneurship can NEVER BE A REPLACEMENT for a job for majority of population in employable age.