Self name bearing Cufflinks and Branded Clothes in India

There may be a reason why we don’t wear clothes with our own names weaved or put in print. Some people do use cufflinks bearing their initials, but even that is not looked at very favorably. Most people find it as a show off or acute self obsession. But nonetheless that seems to be a normal for the self obsessed few among the rich. But that normal rarely exceeds the cufflinks.

But even then wearing cufflinks “with first name last name initials” cannot be compared with wearing branded clothes. Wearing branded clothes is quite normal and far more acceptable in India. People don’t think twice before wearing them. With clothing becoming more or less democratic in India, people who afford do buy branded clothes  for better quality, form and fit. You cannot justly nail down someone for wearing a branded clothing because the market is full of copycat versions of every major brand. That’s why, it’s more common to see people wearing branded clothes than people wearing cufflinks with self initials carved on them. As far as name in print is concerned then the only name which is usually seen on a piece of cloth or a robe is that of some Superior Power (God).