Self Praising Narendra Modi : Modi Toh Kamaal hai!

After BJP’s historic victory in Lok Sabha elections 2014, Modi ji called himself a Jadugar (a magician). Since he had not taken PM’s oath at that time, hence he was simply acting on his self made reputation of a magician — someone who can generate jobs, provide 24 hour electricity, clean Ganga etc. in just 7 days. He himself stated that time limit — Modi will bring 24 hour electricity in UP in just 7 days! — he said in Banaras UP rally.

Even after becoming PM, the PM kept calling himself a magician, here and there. A day ago, he said : Woh kehte hain … Modi Toh kamaal Hai (Modi is remarkable) ! … Modi snatched even Gandhi from the Congress… To this I say… Modi has not snatched Gandhi … it’s the Congress which forgot Gandhi…

A day before, Modi ji attacked Congress by saying that : These people stole from the Widows of Kargil!

Regarding Gandhi, no one can snatch Gandhi from people.  Gandhi lives in people’s hearts. Gandhi gets manifested in this World, every time someone speaks and acts for unity between religions, sects, groups. Gandhi manifests itself every time a person stands for harmony , peace and non-violence. That’s why it’s not necessary to say : I follow Gandhi’s tenets. Gandhi shows itself. PR gimmicks can never snatch Gandhi from people. Nor will any towering statue diminish Gandhi.

Regarding the “stealing from Kargil Widows”, the country must know in what way the past Governments, in between Kargil war during NDA regime and now, have stolen from the Kargil widows. How the country prevented them from their rightful right?

If you compare the living conditions of countless Indians with that of Army personnels and their families; then you will find that we are trying our best to thank our defence personnels. The army personnel and their families are getting free education for their kids up to higher education, free accommodation for their families, subsidised food, assistance for army families welfare and free of cost health service . Most of these continue even after the service. A Defence personnel and his family can get best of healthcare in the country at Government’s cost. At the martyrdom of a soldier the Government is putting almost a crore rupees in the account of Martyrs widow.

In contrast, what is the level of living of a non-defence Indian citizen? How many young men and women from non-defense families have the money to get admission in best professional education or best Higher Education programmes. And how many civilians will be able to spend 25 Lakhs, in the event of some Life threatening disease? Rarely any.

I’m not questioning, why country should not give such privileges to the Defense personnels and their families. The country should, and that’s why such privileges are at place. What I’m questioning is : Why such irresponsible remarks? That too by a country’s PM!

We can understand that, by picking up some existence or non-existent emotion of Army personnels in Maharashtra (one of the states with sizable number of Army personnels), he is lobbying votes for his party. But still the statement must have some truth to it.

Saying that the country like India is not treating its defence personnels well, is a disrespect to the rest of the population, who is living in utmost poverty. This is also a big apathy to young people and citizens from non-defence backgrounds. Seeing a vote bank doesn’t mean a politician tilt the reality on its head.