seo content writers in India: How much to Pay?

seo content writers in India: How much seo content writers in India be paid? If you plan to Hire a few, then Here is the Answer to — How much You should pay to seo content writers in India?.

If you are looking for seo content writers in India; then you may be facing a big problem. The problem is: How much You should pay to seo content writers in India?

When I say seo content writers in India, I mean any writer you are hiring for creating content for your website for seo purposes or for your Blog as a blogger.

Although blogging requires a lot of other things than seo; but such is the craze for seo content writing in India that any content writer you approach, be him a blogger or an seo expert, calls himself/herself representing the cult of seo content writers.

For you, it’s just alright. As Shakespeare says, ‘What is the Name’. The quality of any content writer’s work, gives an instant idea of what he/she actually is. That apart, most of these writers are decent writers, hence if you know how to make them useful articles for you, then you can attain that. So just be cool, if every writer you approach belongs to seo content writers fraternity.

How much You should pay to a seo content writers in India?

Economics has a very useful Concept called the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). You can use PPP to determine what seo content writers in India should be paid. Since there’s no limit upwards; hence here I’m talking about writers who are Fairly good seo content writers, have good writing skills and want to blog.

seo content writersPPP is basically a tool to compare the values of currencies. In PPP, you imagine a person going to shopping in two countires, with same amount of money. That’s if he goes with 1 dollar in pocket for shopping in US; then he goes with 55 Rupees (1 USD equals 55 Indian Rupees) in pocket for shopping in India. The country where the person can buy more things, has a better PPP.

India has world’s best PPP. That’s you can buy more things here compared to any other country.

Now, it’s not necessary to use real currencies to determine PPP of a country. You can use Big Mac index as well. Big Mac Index is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity: in the long run, exchange rates should adjust to equal the price of a basket of goods and services in different countries. This particular basket holds a McDonald’s Big Mac burger, whose price around the world we compared with its American average of $4.20. In India the same Big Mac burger costs just $1.62.

Thus if you pay seo content writers from USA $4.2 for an article; then you should pay $1.62 or Rs 89 to seo content writers in India. If you pay a US writer anything less or more, on the basis of quality, then you can pay SEO content writers accordingly.

This is not Exploitation:

seo content writers in India, irrespective of their expertise want to be paid $4 or 5 per write-up. Just as their US counterparts. Anything less offer makes them feel exploited. This is not true. As according to PPP, a person in India will be able to buy the same number of things in India for Rs 89; what he’ll buy for $4.2 (or Rs 231) in US.

Blogging or any content business requires good writers. Hence people with right frame of mind and intent will never exploit each other. If  seo content writers in India charge realistically, they will get more work. This will benefit the work providers too.