SEO Writing or Blogging – What is Better?

SEO Writing or Blogging – What is Better?  To Answer the Question You have to understand the nuances of blogging – which are different from other form of writing.Some FAQs Answered.

Those who want to make money online, usually see writing as the entry point. Two kinds of writings are done online: SEO Writing and Blogging. SEO writing is basically writing for the Search engines, so as to show up in search engine results, whenever a user does a related search. On the other hand, Blogging is basically writing for the readers, the humans. Now, it doesn’t mean, blogging ignores SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to show up at better positions on Search Engines; it’s only that in Blog writing, SEO is one among many factors which decide the quality of an article and hence the traffic it gets.

So SEO Writing or Blogging – What is Better?

To Answer the Question: SEO Writing or Blogging? You have to understand the nuances of blogging – which are different from other form of writing.Below are some FAQs we have answered for you.


Question: What is SEO Writing?

Answer: A writing which focuses mainly on the SEO, is SEO writing. In simple words, when a person writes an article with the sole aim to feature at prime position on search engines and accomplishes that  by using SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) techniques – he practices SEO writing. SEO writing is not for humans as adequately following SEO techniques takes away the natural flow of words and formatting. And for humans to understand any writing; the writing should have flow  and a certain format. In most cases, SEO writing scores low on ease of understanding.

But certain personality Types do have success in SEO writing. If you love numbers,are exert in analyzing quantitative metrics & half a dozen related variables  and are never bored to do the same things again and again; then you can SEO  writing.

Question: What is Blogging?

Answer: Blogging is writing on a website (also called Blog) or any other expressing platform — like Twitter Facebook, any free or paid blogging platforms mainly for the humans. This means that the blog writing is done keeping in view humans. Although SEO is also taken into account, but thing like Readability, usefulness and interest are equally important.  If said in other words, Blogging is writing, firstly for the readers, and secondly for the search engines.

In blogging any topic which is: 1) useful 2) interesting 3) Breaking some info — can be written about.

Since the blog writing is for humans — the articles are aim popularity among humans and building a loyal reader base  Here it’s important to note that, blogging  tries to use the popularity among readers (in the form of likes, shares, tweets) to show up favourably at search engines. SEO contribution in pulling blog content to search rankings is limited. As in blogging SEO is practiced, as one naturally would. That’s SEO is not the only thing here.

The personality types which can succeed in blogging are the ones who can think passionately about any topic, like reading and are not afraid to speak their mind. If you are bored too soon, then blogging can be your forte.

Question: What is more exhausting — SEO Writing or Blogging ?

Answer: Although it entirely depends on your personality Type, still for most people SEO Writing can be exhausting. As here one has to research a lot and invest time to write a good SEO article. Blogging also needs SEO, but here,SEO is one part, out of five: News discovery, Interesting content, useful content, writer personality and Loyalty. Even one line article is good for blogging if it is useful to the reader.

SEO most of the times is monotonous. Blogging is not.

Question: What is more rewarding Long Term: SEO Writing or Blogging?

Answer: Unless you become a Top SEO expert and float your own company; SEO writing can at best take you write ghost articles (articles which don’t mention your name) for others. While if you do blogging, you write under your name; and over years you make a place for yourself as a critic, analyst or expert.


Hope you find the FAQs on “SEO Writing or Blogging – What is Better?” useful.