Sexual Assault Victim Dies | Are we raising the Right Questions?

A shattering News:

The 23-year-old victim of the brutal Sexual assault in Delhi that had triggered an outrage across India died early this morning in Singapore after putting up a brave battle for life for nearly a fortnight. 

The girl, who was admitted to the well-known multi-organ transplant facility Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore on Thursday morning in an extremely critical condition, breathed her last at 4:45 AM (2:15 AM India time). She was earlier treated at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. 

The body has been moved to the mortuary in the Singapore General Hospital and will be flown back to India by a chartered plane. Accompanied by her family, the body is expected to arrive in Delhi in the night.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

May God give her family the courage to face this great loss.

We need to Raise the correct Questions:

Sexual Assault Victim DiesThese past two weeks, the entire nation has felt the pain of the Girl and when the remains arrive today night; many sad Indians will be there; and will be deeply rattled.

Although at this moment, any response from disappointed Indians is not unjustified; raising the right questions now and in future, will be a real homage to the Girl and make the society a Safer place for women.

The Questions that must be raised and vouched for:

1) Police Reforms: For a population of 120 crore+; India doesn’t have right number of Police Personnel.

If a country has 1 police man for around 1000 citizens, security in the country can’t be fool proof.

That apart, look at the equipment a policeman carries, a Cane? Can he protect the citizens when criminals are better quipped than him. Actually that is not even sufficient to protect himself.

Indian Police doesn’t have adequate weapons, vehicles and other mandatory equipment modern police have, such has Helicopters, Life Boats etc.

The Government and the citizens have assumed that: A Police man’s job is a 24 Hour Duty! Is it humanly possible? If there are 24 hours in a day, then we need at least thrice the number of police personnel.

Before anything, India needs Police reforms. Former DG of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Prakash Singh, is shouting for Police Reforms for a decade or more now. But neither the government, nor we citizens are listening. Notably, Mr. Singh was an Honest and dedicated Policeman.

Tell you, although Police reforms include matters like Taking Police out of the control of Home Ministry, increasing Wages of police, giving a fix tenure to Police Officers (no politically motivated transfers and prmotions) etc.; the reforms are crucial to we citizens as well — as the reforms also look into changing the age old out of tune IPC Laws and making police more effective and more humane to the public. Overall, if the police is not sensitive to victims, then the reasons are to be fixed, and that involves recruiting the right candidates and training them adequately in this regard. Unless extensive police reforms are taken and more budget is allotted to Police (of the tune of Army’s Annual Budget), things will not change much.

Let not our prejudices towards Police cloud our vision. Lets push for Police Reforms.

Note: You as a Law Abiding Citizen may fear police, but a Criminal Doesn’t:

We often hear the logic that: Equipping Police will make them more exploiting.

This is a wrong notion. The correct analogy here goes like this:

We put Locks on our House Doors. What is the purpose of the Lock? To save the House and its belongings from a thief? No. The purpose of the lock is to inform a law abiding or a non-criminal citizen like our friends and other citizen, that we are not at home, and hence they go back. A Thief, who comes with the intention of breaking into the House, will Break the lock, anyway.

Hence, it’s wrong to view Police from the eyes of a law abiding citizen. Since such a citizen will never break a law; he will always see the cane in a policeman’s hand, an epitome of power. The right view here is: A police is strong, only when it’s stronger than the Criminal.

Remember, only an insecure person exploits. An Indian Police Constable behaves nastily, as he has to tackle thousands of people with just a Cane.

It may look unjustified to some. But more than the Army, India needs better Police. Police is more crucial as India is not an aggressive country like USA (note at this moment as well, USA is fighting a war somewhere in the world). India’s population requires more strong Police, as most of our woes come from population.

2) Female Foeticide: Not to say much. When the society kills daughters in womb; they not only skew the sex ratios (many find it just as statistic); they also demean the Woman folk in the society. I wonder, many young and educated women, find the courage to demonstrate for the Girl on India Gate; but never show the guts or inclination to demonstrate against Female Foeticide. The same women, who are feeling sad about the Girl today, show weak knees, when they have to  decide on the life of the unborn daughters in the womb. No amount of policing will save assaults on women, if the society’s mindset is Pro-male.

3) Demanding extreme punishments is not the Solution: Demanding Death Sentence or “Public Hanging” is not the solution (although now the culprits in this case will be booked for murder). As people who demand such punishments; give their sanction to Public “Anarchy” (in Hindi “Unmad”). And there’s no end to this ‘Anarchy’. First it begins with somewhat justified issues, then it turns into beating Young lovers in public (during valentine day, bars, buses), beating a widow for spending time with her male friend, to … not allowing women in their menstrual cycle to enter temples, issued Fatwas against etc. And if such anarchy prevails, atrocities on women increase.

4) Make Prostitution Legal: Noted Thinker, Khushwant Singh suggests making Prostitution Legal in the country. Although this has chances of child and women exploitation as well. But legalizing the act will be beneficial to both sex workers and their clients (who will not lust around). On the punishment side, he recommends castration of those who commit sexual assault; but that is an extreme suggestion, as research says, many of these castrated men turn pedophiles (Child Molesters).

It’s true that, at times of distress, simple solutions appear to be the only remedy to a problem. But one needs to look into the problem from all perspective. You’ve every right to disagree, but I think this issue needs a more holistic and planned approach.